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Bye Bye Digestive Problems

Some of the most common complaints I get from patients centers around their digestive issues, especially in my over 40 patients.  Seems things they used to be able to eat just don’t sit well with them anymore, or they are frequently bothered with constipation, gas, cramps, acid reflux, or bloating.  As I tell my patients, […]

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Acid Reflux: Stop It From Keeping You Awake

When heartburn occurs more than only occasionally, and you find yourself spending many nights awake burping up hot acid into your throat, you may actually have acid reflux disease. It has the same symptoms as common heartburn but it is caused by something more than the occasional dietary lapse. Here’s what I tell my patients about acid reflux.

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The Devastating Effects Celiac Disease Can Have On Your Brain

Even if you’ve never been diagnosed with celiac disease, you might still have it. Experts in the field estimate that three million Americans live with celiac disease. Very few of them know about their condition.

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Allergy Health | Dining Out With Food Allergies

When Food Allergies Are On The Menu

Do you know anyone with a food allergy? In our family, my mother has an allergy to nuts (all kinds of nuts). Whenever we go out to a restaurant or to someone’s home for dinner we have to ask that most important question: “Is this dish prepared with nuts?” If you’ve ever known someone with a food allergy this medical issue can often interfere with their lifestyle.

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