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Raw Food Recipes That Taste Good Too!

You might be thinking you’d like to give raw food diet a try. Why not? Even if you don’t know exactly how to begin to prepare raw foods, you can ease into it by following some very simple recipes. I suggest you begin by trying a few recipes you can do in your own kitchen without purchasing a high tech blender or dehydrator. I have chosen a few simple recipes that you can try using nothing more than a household blender and a chopping block. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

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The Raw Food Lifestyle: Is It Healthier?

Several of my patients have expressed an interest in trying the raw food lifestyle and want to know how they should go about it both to make their food as nutritious as possible and keep themselves safe as some foods should not be eaten raw. Here’s what I tell them.

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Raw Foods: The Good And The Not So Good

It wasn’t long ago that raw food bars were all the rage.  If you didn’t eat your food raw, you weren’t in with the IN crowd and you were out of the loop in the healthy rage. There are still some raw food bars around but pretty much the fad has died down and, I […]

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