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Prevent Blood Clots, Save Your Life!

Summer is right around the corner and if you’re like many of my patients, you may be planning to take a road, plane or train trip to travel somewhere. Since many of my patients and my readers are over age 50, I’d like to talk to you about a special concern of traveling that involves […]

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Blood Clots: Their Symptoms And How To Avoid Them!

Summer is once again here and many of my patients are traveling on vacations, or visiting friends and relatives across the country. Before they go, however, I like to give them some pre-travel advice about a potentially serious medical condition that can occur with long periods of sitting in cars, trains, and airplanes… blood clots. […]

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Air Travel Health Issues

As the holidays are drawing closer and you may be traveling by air to visit friends and relatives, Id like to talk to you about some of the health concerns associated with flying and what you can do to ensure that you can stay healthy and enjoy your trip. Airplane Cabins – A Potential Breeding […]

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Keeping Varicose Veins Away May Be As Simple As Changing A Few Daily Habits

One of my female patients recently expressed concern about varicose veins. Both her mother and grandmother lived with unsightly veins for years, and she wondered if she was destined to have this condition. I was honest with her. Varicose veins often run in families but the condition is not necessarily inevitable. I assured her that […]

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Leg Pain: Causes And Solutions

Leg pain comes in many forms. My patients describe it as tingly, sharp, dull, throbbing and aching. Whatever your leg pain feels like, it can be a source of discomfort and inhibit your ability to stand for long periods, put weight on your leg or simply perform everyday activities. Though it has a variety of […]

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