Social Life

Growing Bolder Rather Than Older

Remember when you were a kid and your parents, or some older relative, teacher, neighbor, etc, told you to “act your age” when you were just enjoying yourself? What it really meant, though, was to act more mature, or older, than you were and forego the fun as well.  As a result, many of us […]

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Winter Fun: Go To A Festival!

Ever since Woodstock in the summer of 1969, seems Festivals of all sorts have become popular pastimes – music, art, film, winter sports, you name it, there’s likely a festival for it. And why not? They’re fun and a great way to get out and meet like-minded people.  Although many festivals take place in the […]

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Boomers Sexting

Boomers Beware: Do You Know The Risks of Sexting and Sexy Selfies on Social Media?

Recently, several studies have revealed some surprising, and possibly quite embarrassing, results concerning the sexy social media behavior of Boomers. A study out of the Futures Company looked at social media usage amongst over-50 aged adults. It revealed that amongst adults, aged 50-74, 24% have sent personal, or intimate, photos and messages via text, email […]

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Get Out, Meet People, Have Fun and Exercise in 2014 – Re-Discover Skiing!

Many people are not aware that Baby Boomers really elevated skiing to a cultural event and made it the “chic” sport back in the 60’s-70’s. Ski resorts in Aspen, Colorado,  Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Park City, Utah, and European ski resorts became hot spots where you could run into just about any celebrity out on the […]

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Wine & Canvas, Have Fun with Friends!

Create A Work of Art, Have a Fun Night With Friends

One of the biggest friends’ “night out” crazes crossing the country is a “wine and paint” party.   These parties come with a twist – of wine that is.  That’s right.   You can create a painting – usually of anything you want – or you can pick a theme subject and follow that – while sharing […]

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Stimulate Your Brain - Play Cards

Stimulate Your Brain and Socialize – Start a “Game Group”

Boomers from New York to California, and everywhere in-between, are getting together regularly to make friends, have good conversation, and participate in fun games. These “Game Groups” have become a new, fun, form of staying fit especially for your brain.  Although people over 50 getting together to play cards is nothing new, Boomers are elevating […]

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Make Room For Fun In Your Busy Life - Join a Meetup Group!

Make Room For Fun In Your Busy Life – Join A Meetup Group!

If you’re over 50, you’ve likely got a zillion things to do every day, every week, from working at your job, maybe running the business you own, maybe taking care of elderly parents, or kids, trying to keep your house and yard together (those fall leaves are creating even more work!), and trying to keep […]

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How to Be Your Grandchild's Rock During Their Parents Divorce

How To Be Your Grandchild’s Rock During Their Parents’ Divorce

One of the hardest things a child can go through is the divorce of their parents.  Not only does it make them feel torn between two people they love equally, but it also pulls the security rug out from under them as well.  Kids going through parental divorce often feel like their world is suddenly […]

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Movie Theaters Court Over-50 Customer

Movie Theaters Court A New Crowd

If you’re over-50 and enjoy going out to see a movie in a theater, you’ll be happy to know that many theaters around the country are now catering to this age group of movie-goer instead of a younger population.  Why? Movie theaters are hoping to entice this wealthier age group of people back into the […]

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Mixed-Weight Couples At Higher Risk For Conflict

The Journal of Social and Personal Relationships recently reported on a communications-based study out of the University of Washington. The study concluded that mixed-weight marriages are at higher risk for conflict. The researchers looked at 43 heterosexual couples with 1 overweight partner and 1 healthy-weight partner and compared them to matched weight couples.  The factors […]

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How to Survive a Family Reunion

Can You Survive Your Family Reunion? Sure! Here’s How.

If you’re getting ready to attend a family reunion, planning (and surviving!) a successful one may range from fairly simple to daunting. There are several key points to consider such as: 1.  The size of your family.  Smaller-member family reunions are easier to handle cost, venue, and intimacy-wise.  With fewer family members, you can get […]

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Grief and Your Health - How to Cope

Grief and Your Health – How to Cope and Stay Well

Experiencing loss is, unfortunately, a part of life.   At some time, you will undoubtedly lose someone, or something, that’s been an important part of your life.  Coping with loss – from whatever source – can be a very painful experience that negatively affects your mental and physical well-being.  In short, you can actually become ill […]

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