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Natural Extract Gives Sunscreen Protection to Your Skin

I’m sure you’re as done with winter this year as I am.  With all the snow and frigid weather that many parts of the country have had, I can’t wait to see spring officially arrive in a few short weeks.  But with the Sun starting to come out more often, you’ll have to start protecting […]

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New Laser Lets You Erase Old Tattoo Memories

Many people get a tattoo to commemorate something or show their devotion to someone.  But some of those things they commemorated, or the devotion they had for someone, displayed in living color on their arms, legs, back, etc, may now be something/someone they’d rather forget.  If you’re living with a past tattoo that you now […]

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5 Skin Conditions That Reveal Hidden Health Issues

You see your doctor every year for a physical, and that’s great to help stay on top of any health issues that may be developing.  But did you know that a visit to your dermatologist can also help discover hidden health issues before they show their more well-known symptoms? It’s true.  That’s why I’d like […]

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Forget Tanning Booths: Doing This Creates a Healthy Color Naturally

Summer is officially over and so is spending a few hours in the sun each day.  But, many of you still want to keep that healthy, sun-sparked tan of summer. If you’ve been thinking of visiting the nearest tanning booth, or buying an expensive cosmetic “tanner” or “bronzer”, I’d like to tell you a simple, […]

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Top 5 ways to Look Years Younger by Removing Age Spots

If you’re a Boomer over 50, you don’t have to wear your years on your face. Nothing reveals your age more than ugly brown age spots – or liver spots – as they’re sometimes called.  You may have thought that you had to live with these telltale signs of age but the good news is […]

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Going Under The Knife - Pros and Cons

Going Under The Knife – The Pros and Cons

You’ve thought about it a hundred times and you’re seriously considering having cosmetic surgery.  You have a few friends who have done it successfully and you’re wondering how it will work for you.  You may have read (and seen) celebrity cosmetic surgery horror stories and fear that it could happen to you.  If you’re considering […]

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Derma Roller - Their Anti-Aging Benefits

Derma Rollers – Their Anti-Aging Skin Benefits

Recently, a patient interested in anti-aging skin techniques wanted to know about Derma Rollers.  So, I thought I’d put together some information for my readers as well so that all of you can benefit.  A Derma Roller  (also called skin roller, microneedling, microneedle roller) is a device that is used in Dermatology Esthetics (skin beauty) […]

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Port-Wine Stains – How to Make Them Disappear from View

As a dermatologist, I’ve seen my share of port wine stains on patients’ faces, arms, legs, etc.  They can come in all shapes and sizes – some of them very small and others quite large that cover half the face.  You may remember former Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev who had quite a prominent port wine […]

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The Best Natural Tips That Help Psoriasis

I have a patient with psoriasis who, when she has a flare-up, comes in and says, “Dr.  Bracheld, my uninvited pest showed up again”.  Although I have to laugh when I hear this, it’s pretty much true.  No, she’s not referring to the presence of an unwelcome person.  She’s referring to an unwelcome bout of […]

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Forget Surgery! Treat Your Eye Bags at Home!

One of the most frequent skin complaints I hear from patients is how to get rid of the bags under their eyes.  Puffy eyes, or under eye bags, can make you look old and tired. Even though certain aspects of aging skin can promote them, they’re not, as some people think, inevitable “baggage” of getting […]

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Tinea Versicolor: The Multicolor Fungal Skin Rash

Usually I see tinea infections when the weather starts getting hot and humid and people start sweating more.  But if you’re hitting the gym several times a week, or sweating a lot for some other reason, you could get one of the itchiest and uncomfortable rashes around – tinea.  Let me tell you more about […]

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The Promise Of Youthful Skin With Plant Placenta

Placenta (both human and animal) has been consumed since ancient Egyptian days when soldiers would eat it before going into battle. They claimed it gave them energy and rejuvenated them.  Placenta has also been part of Chinese medicine for centuries, as well, used as a kidney and beauty tonic, and for overall good health. Now, […]

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