Remember When

No generation has witnessed as much change in their lifetime as the baby boomers. Many of you have fond memories of what life was like back in those days. Do you remember when the Hula Hoop was your favorite toy? Or when going to the store you could buy penny candy? How about watching a James Dean movie or listening to Elvis Presley?

Many of these memorable moments make up whom we are. Unfortunately, some of our memories aren’t that good: Vietnam War, assassination of Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Cuban missile crisis just to name a few.

Regardless if you have fond memories of your earlier years or not looking back, it gives you a sense of belonging in a generation that now impacts the world you live in.

50’s-60’s Television: Who Was the Favorite Mouse in Your House?

If you’re a Boomer, you likely remember watching a certain black and white television show as a kid that came on after school, right after American Bandstand – The Mickey Mouse Club Show.  Since its debut in October 1955 on ABC, the Mickey Mouse Club Show (MMCS) became one of the all-time most popular, highly […]

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Remember When: February 1964

Fifty-years ago in February 1964 you may have been old enough to remember living through some of the historic events that occurred that year.  But if you were born in 1964 – the last year of the Boomer generation – you may remember an older brother or sister, or your parents, talking about the events […]

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Angioplasty: 50 Years Old This Month

Angioplasty: The Lifesaving Procedure is 50 Years Old This Month

On January 16, 1964, a doctor named Charles Dotter performed the first angioplasty procedure.  But, at that time, it wasn’t done on the heart as it typically is today.  Instead, it was done on the leg of an 82-year-old woman suffering with pain and a severe, non-healing ulcer from blocked blood flow to her lower […]

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Play Doh is A Boomer at 57

Play-Doh at 57 is an Official Boomer: What Fun Thing Did You Create with It?

If you were born in the early-late 50’s you likely remember spending hours creating fantastic creatures, or cute replicas of your pet or zoo animals, castles, houses, fake cupcakes or banana splits, Flintstone-like cars and who knows what else with your Play-Doh Fun Factory.  It allowed you to let your imagination and creativity run wild. […]

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Girl Groups of the 60’s – Who Was Your Favorite?

Jimmy Mack, Jimmy, oh Jimmy Mack, when are you coming back? My arms are missin’ you, my lips feel the same way too, I tried so hard to be true, cuz I promised I do, but this boy keeps coming around trying to wear my resistance down… the plaintiff words sung by one of the […]

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Retro Christmas Favorites

Christmas Past: Some of Our Favorite Things

If you’re of Boomer age, your memories of the days between Christmas and New Years are filled with sights, sounds, smells and tastes that you’ll never forget.  When you were a kid, the Christmas season didn’t start right after Halloween in stores like it does today.  No, it was more like after Thanksgiving that everyone […]

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Earth, Wind and Fire?

If you’re over 50, you may remember exactly what you were doing when Ramsey Lewis with Earth, Wind and Fire released their signature song of happiness and ethereal lightness, Sun Goddess, early in 1974. You might have been a teenager maybe ditching class to throw a Frisbee in the park, or you were a few […]

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JFK Was Magnificent, But Remember Too Our Lost Queen…

On November 22, 2013, 50 long years will have passed since the assassination of President John F.  Kennedy.  Historians have likened JFK’s “reign” to the only thing close to a royal monarchy that America had ever experienced.  We had, for a few short years, a handsome young King and a beautiful, graceful young Queen. Just […]

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50's Speak: Were You A Hep Cat or a Square?

50’s Speak: Were You a “Hep Cat” or a “Cube?”

Every era has its own slang words that pepper conversations.  But, the 1950’s “hot rod” car culture and “Beat” generation had its particularly unique sub-culture language.  It was used mostly by teenagers and older young adults in the “Beat” (beatnik) culture. The 1950’s introduced a lot of words to the American slang lexicon, like “cool”, […]

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1950's Ironing Machine

Less Than $2,000 Buys A Whole Household of Appliances – in the 1950’s!

If you were a kid back in the 1950’s, you may remember your parents complaining about the high costs of automated appliances like refrigerators and stoves.  Items like electric washing machines and dryers, television sets, and other “home of the future” appliances were something most people had to save for.  Now that you’re older, and […]

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Did You Grow Up With The Beave?

Did You Grow Up with “The Beave”?

If you’re over-50 – maybe closer to 60 – you likely spent some time every afternoon with one of America’s favorite kids, Theodore Cleaver, affectionately known as The Beaver, or just Beave.  You only needed to see little Theodore smile his wide buck-tooth grin to know how he got his nickname. If you were a […]

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Vibrating Belt

Novel Exercise Machines of the 50’s-60’s – How Many Did You Use?

Back in the late 1950’s through the early 1970’s, if you tried to lose a few pounds or keep your waist and hips a certain size, you might have purchased your share of the exercise equipment fads and gimmicks that were popular in those years. Looking back at them now, many of them seem laughable […]

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