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Dear Friend,

Your heart was designed for at least 100 years of service and I want you to keep it that way. Unfortunately, at any moment…without warning it can just stop working and send you to the nearest emergency room with a heart attack or stroke.

As a cardiologist I’m no different than any other man. Just knowing the facts doesn’t give me immunity to falling victim to heart disease. I have to take care of myself just like everyone else. In fact, it’s even more important for me to keep a close watch on my heart health taking into account my Mom’s high blood pressure and my Dad’s off the chart high cholesterol!

But even if you do everything “right” you still could fall victim to a heart attack!

Jack Followed His “Doctor’s Orders” But Still Ended Up In The Hospital!

Maybe you’re a smoker who recently quit, or a good eater who lost weight on a diet, and has been faithfully going to the gym four times a week and now feel fit. Unfortunately, when it comes to heart disease knowing the risk factors might NOT be enough!

Let me tell you briefly about a patient named Jack. Jack was every doctor’s ideal patient… in perfect shape, good cholesterol levels, and ate like an athlete training for the Olympics. As an avid runner Jack did his best to stay fit and trim.

But everything changed one sunny morning!

Jack suffered a heart attack on a trail during one of his morning jogs. Thank goodness for other joggers who were on the same jogging path and immediately called for emergency assistance.

Thankfully, Jack survived and came to learn that his arteries were 60% blocked! It’s a miracle he’s still alive today.

Regardless Of How You Live Your Life…
You Can Now Reduce The Risk Of Heart Disease By More Than 50%!

In my newest book “The 30-Day Heart Cure” I’ve been able to pull together everything I’ve learned over 30 years as a cardiologist to help you beat heart disease.

Heart disease is a sneaky hidden killer. If you’re over 40, the artery-clogging process can be actively working in your body right this minute. Medical studies have shown that even by the age of 15 your body starts accumulating fatty deposits of plaque in your major blood vessels.

By the age of 60, nearly 80% of Americans have some degree of artery blockage!

Unfortunately, changes in lifestyle, like watching cholesterol levels, reducing fat intake, or exercising regularly can often help — but alone will not save you from heart failure!

But don’t give up hope…there’s now research that can actually help you start reversing the ongoing heart disease process!

In Just 30 Days You Can Have A Powerful, Healthy Heart!

YES, it’s true you can make a difference in your heart health! Starting today you can learn how to unclog your arteries. How you can normalize your heartbeat. How you can reduce and even eliminate risk factors like: high blood pressure…elevated cholesterol levels…poor circulation…and threatening inflammation!

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“You’ll never find a more complete book on fighting heart disease. Discover how to save your life or a loved one’s before it’s too late!”

~ Ron Blankstein, M.D.

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Now you can protect yourself from getting your first, second, or even third heart attack without medication, angioplasty, or bypass surgery.

Now you can end the fear of never exercising again…never eating your favorite foods…never having sex… or not living long enough to see your children or grandchildren graduate school or get married!

In fact my book “The 30-Day Heart Cure” will teach you how to:

  • Flush your arties clean of plaque without prescription drugs
  • Drastically lower your blood pressure to normal levels
  • Improve circulation for vital blood flow to all organs
  • Lower your “bad” LDL cholesterol naturally to reduce plaque buildup
  • Restore youthful flexibility to your tired and rigid blood vessels
  • Revitalize your legs, arms, and joints for easier mobility

And there’s even more good news that lies ahead in the pages of this book. The heart disease you have lurking inside of your body, whether diagnosed or not is a ticking time bomb just waiting to explode.

That’s why it’s essential you continue to read on and learn how I’m going to help you live free of heart disease — for life! Now is the time to take action!

This Is Your WAKE-UP CALL!

In the few minutes it takes you to read this special report, at least 25 Americans will have a heart attack! Ten of them will die suddenly. And of all the heart attacks every year, half of the victims had no prior symptoms or warning signs!

That’s why I find it important that you read the information provided in “The 30-Day Heart Cure” today. It just might save your life tomorrow!

Heart disease is the single largest killer in America. It beats out AIDS and all of the cancers combined. With these frightening statistics, no man or woman over 40 should take this issue lightly.

Of course you can make an effort to alleviate all the underlying risk factors like; smoking, poor eating, lack of exercise, high cholesterol — but are they really making a significant difference in your chances of having heart disease?

Is Heart Disease Really Curable?

It’s a fact that over the past few decades billions of research dollars have been spent on looking for a heart disease cure. Yet, modern cardiology hasn’t really moved any closer to a major heart discovery. Simply put, conventional medicine cannot cure heart disease alone!

Hello! My name is Ron Blankstein, M.D. and as a board-certified cardiologist with more than 30 years of experience in treating heart patients. In the past few years I’ve seemingly lost faith in the way the medical community is presently dealing with heart disease.

Everyday in my practice I preach the necessity for making good lifestyle changes. And I truly believe Americans are doing better with smoking less, eating better, and exercising more frequently. But these efforts have not made any major dent in heart disease fatalities.

And this worries me…

As a cardiologist I’ve been taught how to perform many incredible procedures. I’ve learned all about how to “Roto-Rooter” clogged arteries, repair heart valves, install pacemakers, put in stents, perform bypass surgery, restart a heart, and of course write prescriptions for heart drugs.

I can remember working insane hours either at my office or in the hospital trying to save hearts and lives, only to see the same people coming back months or years later with the same or more blockages in their arteries.

Something Needed To Change!
Now I Have The Secret To Help You Save Your Heart!

After years of research I’ve now been able to put forth new “heart secrets” that are going to change the way you take care of your cardiovascular health. This new approach to the treatment and prevention of heart disease goes way beyond what conventional cardiologists recommend.

What you’re about to discover is a method to use natural ways to flush your arteries clean and open your blood vessels. The best part is these new remedies are safe… inexpensive…require no prescription…and easy to find!

You’ll find all the answers in my new book “The 30-Day Heart Cure”.

For starters here are some of the vital secrets and facts that I’ll be giving you:

  • From the Cleveland Heart Clinic, a special heart test that can detect a crucial factor in your heart. Page 5…
  • A second form of arterial plaque that researchers just discovered that are more vulnerable and don’t show up on tests.Page 4…
  • The importance of the pH of your blood and how it contributes to the destruction of your arterial walls. Page 6…
  • How inflammation is the key culprit in having cholesterol accumulate in the walls of our blood vessels. Page 7…
  • The top 10 sub risk factors that are often the blame for many heart disease problems. Page 11…
  • The warning signs and symptoms you may have that indicate dangerous plaque-causing inflammation is developing in your body. Page 16…
  • One special nutrient that can reduce your “bad” LDL cholesterol, decrease inflammation, and stop arterial plaque buildup. Page 17…

An Unexpected Scientific Discovery Is Turning Out To Be…
The Most Powerful Natural Remedy For Blocked Arteries
And Poor Cardiovascular Health!

As a cardiologist, my main objective is to make sure your heart is working at 100% of its capacity. Actually your heart is like a “miracle in your chest”. It’s hard to believe that it beats faithfully, 72 times a minute, 100,000 times daily, 40 million beats a year and over 2 billion beats in a lifetime!

Heart Surgery Is NOT
The Answer!

Discover how to avoid an emergency trip to the hospital! Dr. Blankstein’s newly discovered secret reveals how to naturally reverse heart disease.


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Those statistics make you realize it works like a well-oiled machine. But like any piece of equipment, something can go wrong…at anytime. That’s why you need to keep it in good working condition.

Unfortunately, your heart is always at RISK of having serious problems. Much of your troubles can be contributed to the formation of plaque buildup in your arteries. Left unchecked this plaque can slowdown the blood flow or break off and trigger dangerous life-threatening blood clots.

In my book “The 30-Day Heart Cure” you’ll learn all about a special combination of nutrients that can literally sweep your arteries clean. It could be easily labeled as a “natural bypass”.

This discovery is so effective it’s been proven to:

  • Protect your arteries from toxic buildup…
  • Reduce calcium formation from holding plaque to your arterial walls…
  • Support healthy blood flow to your heart and blood vessels throughout your body…
  • Sweep heavy metals and toxins from your body…
  • Lower your risk of forming blood clots in your veins…
  • Rejuvenating your total cardiovascular system…

An Accidental Discovery That’s Much More Than Just A Heart Cure!

Over 60 years ago factory workers where exposed to lead-poisoning while manufacturing batteries for jeeps and tanks used in WWII. Many of them lost their vision, hearing and bodily functions. For some it was worse. Kidneys started to fail, livers were damaged, and heart attacks were common.

Fortunately, medical researchers were able to discover this “natural secret” that was able to bring hope and “life” to many of these sick folks.

That’s why in my book, “The 30-Day Heart Cure” you’ll also learn about the many other health diseases that are healed with this amazing discovery.

Inside you’ll find how this natural cure can:

  • Normalize blood viscosity and help to prevent formation of deadly blood clots. Page 20…
  • Utilize oral chelation to help improve blood circulation and help fight off chronic fatigue and poor blood flow to extremities. Page 23…
  • Provide super antioxidant power to prevent free radical formation and protect your cell membranes from deterioration. Page 25…
  • Increase your nitric oxide to help relax blood vessels and help increase your sexual potency and end erectile dysfunction. Page 26…
  • Improve your memory while lessening your chance of developing Alzheimers or serious dementia. Page 27…
  • Prevent and reduce osteoarthritis while helping to alleviate symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. Page 28…
  • Also decrease or eliminate migraines, improve sleep, reduce risk of a stroke, help smooth skin wrinkles, lower insulin requirements for diabetics, and reduce blood pressure, and much… much more!

Dangerous Medications And Heart Surgery Is Not The Answer!

Yes…you can REVERSE any heart disease you’re presently living with. Yes…you can PREVENT new disease from taking away your quality of life!

But you need not do it with drugs or surgeries!

Modern medicine has you convinced that the only way to fight off heart disease is to continually take heart drugs or face the dreaded knife of a surgeon. Do you know that there are over 15,000 surgeons performing at least a quarter of a million angioplasties and more than a half million bypasses every year?

Then let us not forget the millions of drug prescriptions that are written daily by doctors that are making the pharmaceutical companies rich and putting your life at risk.

In my book “The 30 Day Heart Cure” I will give you my top 6 nutritional recommendations that have been proven by scientific studies to keep you off the operating table and far away from the local pharmacy!

In this amazing book you’ll discover:

  • How special research-proven compounds called monacolins are so effective at inhibiting your body to absorb cholesterol (especially LDL type) that drug companies are doing whatever they can to make sure you don’t know about them! Page 29…
  • How certain “plant sterol esters” have now been proven to boost immune function, fight colon cancer, gallstones, viral infections and prostate disease. This remarkable nutrient is one of the best disease-fighting nutrients ever discovered. Page 30…
  • How an Ayurvedic herb has been used for many years to help decrease cholesterol levels. In clinical trials it was shown to increase liver metabolism of LDL and increase HDL by a whopping 60%. Page 31…
  • How one vitamin taken on a regular basis can energize your heart mitochondria on a cellular level and help improve your heart energy, reduce inflammation, improve blood flow, lower blood pressure and normalize blood sugar levels. Page 31…
  • How an oil-based nutrient can be considered one of the “miracle heart cures”. It’s effective in dissolving heavy triglyceride fats in your blood that contribute to hardening of the arteries. It’s also been proven to help fight inflammation, free radical damage, and hypertension. Page 33…
  • How a powerful antioxidant has been shown to help neutralize free radicals and fight inflammation throughout your body resulting in a 13% reduction in heart disease and a 22% decrease in heart attacks. Page 34…

Learn The Inside Story About Diet, Smoking, And Exercise …
And How It Really Affects Your Heart Health!

In “The 30-Day Heart Cure”, I outline all the myths you might have heard or read about diet and exercise. Sadly, the old flawed ideas of the lifestyle changes necessary to bring significant benefit for your heart has not proven to be very effective. That why the information you’ll find in this book may surprise you.

Inside you’ll discover the truth about:

  • How each puff of a cigarette can cause your arteries to narrow by 25% for up to 30 minutes! Page 37…
  • How you can stop smoking in just days with these 7 easy, new methods that wouldn’t require medication, patches or gums. Page 38…
  • How to boost your adiponection hormones and kick start your metabolism to burn fat and shed away those excessive pounds and inches! Page 43…
  • How a new insight on interval training exercise can affect your physical stamina and your heart health! Page 47…
  • How your diet is directly affecting your number of visits to the doctor’s office and what foods are good for you and the ones to pull out of your pantry! Page 49…
  • How researchers at Carnegie Mellon University discovered that stress is a key factor in your body’s ability to fight off inflammation! Page 54…

The 30-Day Heart Cure Can Save Thousands of Lives —
Including Yours!

This is your chance right now to make a difference in your heart health. Never before has a discovery come along that’s this significant. If you’re looking to prevent having a heart problem or reversing the one you’re living with now then you must, without any reservation, read this remarkable book.

To make sure that this incredible information is available to anyone who can medically benefit from it, I’ve arranged with the publishers to give you a very special introductory price!

Normally this book retails for $35.95, but there are a limited number of authorized downloads just for this offer. If you take advantage today and get your digital download right now, you’ll be able to purchase this book for only $21.95.

Allow me to do the calculation for you… that’s more than 40% off!

Believe me…you’re not going to get a better deal! But if this heart cure and the other recommendations you find in this book can actually prevent or save one person’s life the cost has to be considered ― Priceless!

Here’s The Best Part…

You get to preview “The 30-Day Heart Cure” for a full 365 days! That’s right, you can take over a full year to enjoy this book. If you’re dissatisfied for any reason with the information you will certainly gain from this book, I’ll make sure you get a full refund.

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Folks often believe that there is nothing they can do to avoid heart disease…but this thinking is so far from the truth. There’s now scientific proof that if you consume certain foods on a weekly basis you can decrease your chance of a sudden heart attack by 22%.

That’s why this Special Report will help you re-establish perfect heart health everyday!

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  • One fat-soluble nutrient that’s been reported by The Cleveland Heart Clinic to lower your risk of a heart attack, reduce blood clots, and inhibit plaque in your arteries.
  • How a special fruit you would find in a bowl of cereal has enough antioxidant value to lower your blood lipids and cholesterol.
  • How a dark bean that is so irresistible to eat is now being classified as a “super fruit” with huge heart health benefits.
  • How research from Canada is revealing the importance of snacking on almonds to lower harmful oxidized LDL blood lipids.
  • How a particular food eaten in Asia has now revealed its importance in a diet to help fight lower cholesterol levels
  • How certain beans containing high levels of magnesium have been proven to help manage stress levels that often lead to heart attacks.
  • How a certain tea, that if consumed, can help reduce risk of atherosclerosis and cut risk of a heart attack by 11%.
  • And much more…

No One Knows When A Heart Attack Will Happen!
But With “The 30-Day Heart Cure” It Will NOT Happen To YOU!

Unfortunately, no one knows how the dice will roll. At any time you can be struck down when you least expect it. Heart attacks or strokes don’t come with advance notice. Sadly the best years of your life or of a loved one can be striped away without consideration of age or fitness.

That’s why you must take any prevention to eliminate heart disease from stealing your hopes, your dreams, and your longevity. The book “The 30-Day Heart Cure” is going to be the best news you’ve gotten in a long time. No longer will you need to scratch your head wondering what you need to do to avoid becoming that next victim to a sudden heart attack!

No longer will you have to miss the day when your grandchild graduates from college or gets married. Living to a happy, healthy old age is now possible!

Conquering heart disease is now achievable and “The 30-Day Heart Cure” is your roadmap to making it happen!

Make the decision today and claim your copy at this introductory offer of only $21.95.

There is no better gift than giving someone else the chance to live a happy, healthy, long life. Take these secrets…share them with your family…your friends…and your doctor. Together, you can have a life well lived!

Sincerely yours,

Ronald L. Blankstein, M.D.



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