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The Death Of Your Manhood!

Discover The Scary Truth About Low Testosterone And How It's Destroying Your Sexual Stamina and Sucking 20 Years Off Your Life!

Learn Secrets That Are SO POWERFUL― They’ll Flood Your Body With Testosterone… Build Muscles Like Crazy…
And Have Your Sex Drive Acting As If You Were 21 Again!

Dear Health-Conscious Friend,

Why does it seem like one day you’re a functionally, strong, sexual guy and then in just a few years― like a flick of a switch―it all seems to have evaporated away?

Yes, time is not on your side…and as it ticks off year by year it’s relentlessly robbing you of your muscle tone, strength – and even your sexual stamina.

Believe me, it’s not your fault and I’m telling you right now not to give up hope!

New research has proven what some farsighted medical scientists have thought would have never happened―there’s now a way to give you and every man a second chance to restore your male birthright! The right to many more youthful years of virility and sexual prowess.

Unfortunately, until now there have been very few options for men to turn to that didn’t have unhealthy consequences.

In the past you might have been spoon fed solutions by mainstream medicine … the folks who want you to keep coming back and paying gargantuan sums of money to the big pharmaceutical companies, instead of solving problems with natural cures.

Add to that, the reluctance to discuss such an “embarrassing” issue with anyone, including your personal doctor, leaves you like the “lone ranger” to figure it out for yourself how to feel and perform like a real man again.

It’s a problem denied by patients – and ignored by their doctors. The disappointments…the excuses…and the depression of not coming to grip with your own lack of manhood can be devastating.

If you are one of these individuals wondering what you can do…then you need to discover what the one cause and one solution that will change your life―for the better!

All The Sexual Energy Of A Limp Noodle…

Frustrated at how your body seems to be getting softer and more feminine no matter how hard you work out? Secretly feeling more like a wimp than the stud you were at twenty? Well the reasons all come down to one cause and one solution.

But let me first ask if you’re ever plagued by any of these symptoms?

Waning or expired sex drive

Feeling old and tired

Wimpy erections

Depression or feelings of malaise

Sagging energy

Failing eyesight

Sallow skin and increasing wrinkles

Brain fog

Increased flabbiness, trouble building or keeping muscle tone

Cranky mood

If you’re over 40 years old I bet for sure you answered yes to at least one of the symptoms above. And sadly, as you get older, these complaints increasingly crop up to make your life a living hell. Worse yet…

You Never Expected It To Happen To YOU!

When you were 21, you never expected to look, feel and act like your father. But there’s no reason, even now, to assume you just have to grin and bear it…

Because fortunately – it doesn’t have to be all downhill from here. The fact is that your testosterone levels nosedive nearly 25% from your 35-year-old levels and continues to drop as much as 73% by the time you hit 80!

Check out the graph I’ve provided. It’s a shocker to see how much of our manhood disappears in only a few years! Besides the complaints listed above, your crashing testosterone levels lead to a shrinking penis, loss of firmness, and lower sperm volume.

Indeed, you’ve lost the “stuff” that makes you a man! In too many ways! Low-T can also foster bone loss, osteoporosis, and spikes in your cholesterol levels – potentially resulting in life-threatening health problems.

But now’s the time to quit beating yourself up, because…

I Guarantee This Breakthrough To T-Boosting Will Change Your Life Forever…

Discover Every Secret You Need To Know In…
“Overcoming The T-Factor: The Rise and Fall of Testosterone”

FINALLY… Someone has real answers for you – and it doesn’t require taking drugs or having surgery. Everything you’re about to learn is strictly through natural solutions….completely safe and very effective!

I’m Mark Rosenberg M.D, a Florida physician specializing in men’s health, potency, and longevity. I’ve just created a solution to rejuvenate your masculinity, called “Overcoming The T-Factor: The Rise and Fall of Testosterone”.

Overcoming The T-Factor, to put it bluntly, gives you the world’s most powerful – and pleasurable – plan for “monster” erections (you may gain in length and width) ... “superman” stamina ... and the kind of rapid, get-out-the-tape-measure muscle growth and fat loss you thought had faded with your 20’s.

What you’re about to discover in “Overcoming The T-Factor” is the clearest, most straightforward explanation you’ll ever read about…the causes of impotence and waning sexual desire and possibly the most powerful and stimulating―near-cure-all solution!

You’ll also learn proven scientific answers to what’s causing you to lose muscle mass, confidence, energy and even mental focus…year after year, at a frightening pace.

But this book is about more than just sex. This offers many more health benefits linked to low testosterone:

  • Protecting you from heart disease and arthrosclerosis — including fatal heart attacks and strokes.
  • Preventing Osteoporosis — Yes! Low testosterone has a direct affect on your bone density.
  • Avoiding Prostate Cancer and prostate enlargement — now known to effect one in every five men.
  • Aids concentration and keeps your brain sharp — Forget those things men call “senior moments”,
    and then try to laugh away!

And have you thought about self-confidence?

As stated on page 24 of this book, one 40-year old who took testosterone reported, “I walk into a business meeting now and I just exude self-confidence.” A business executive, he reported that his business has been exploding ever since he started this program. “I’m on a roll; I feel capable of almost anything.”

But there is a catch… (and yes, it’s a biggie).


It may seem like a no-brainer to simply somehow restore your testosterone levels to what they were when you were 21 or 25. However, it’s not as easy as running to the corner store for a bottle of testosterone.

Now you can learn all the pressing reasons why testosterone replenishment is easier said than done. Find out more why:

  1. You no longer need a doctor’s prescription or careful monitoring.
  2. Testosterone is usually injected rather than administered orally. Discover how difficult it is to give this motor-oil like substance to patients.
  3. Your body’s normal metabolic processes neutralizes testosterone in a matter of hours before it can have any kind of lasting effect.
  4. With testosterone injections or gels you can experience ugly side effects — weight gain, high blood pressure, and liver and prostate problems. (Some of these have proved fatal — including jaundice, hepatitis, and cancer).
  5. When you inject testosterone, your own production decreases to compensate. This rise and fall of testosterone receptors is not exactly the results you were hoping for.

But there is good news awaiting you…

Medical experts now know how to naturally, safely, and easily boost your testosterone… without synthetic drugs, without life-threatening side effects, without immensely painful shots…and in the privacy of your own home.

In “Overcoming The T-Factor” you’ll learn…

How To Naturally Become The Outrageously
And MALE Superman You Were Meant To Be…

Testosterone pills and injections don’t work. But this non-invasive plan does… So, you owe it to yourself to get this valuable information into your hands today.

And most assuredly, you’re not the only one who will be crazy about you knowing this. Your partner is sure to welcome these changes in the new you just as much as you do. (Maybe more.)

Your testosterone rejuvenation program ––“Overcoming The T-Factor” offers you the world’s most powerful and pleasurable plan for increasing your erection power… your “superman” stamina… and the hard-body physique you thought had faded with your 20’s.

Our goal is to provide you with real, powerful and natural near-cure-all solutions. Methods and treatments to help recover your lost muscle mass, confidence, energy and even mental focus. I will give you every technique and solution you need to break free from the devastating effects of low testosterone. Imagine, taking back control of your life and restoring the manhood that’s slipping away day by day!

Look In The Mirror 6 Weeks From Now
And See Your Total T-Factor Body Transformation!

You won’t believe the astounding changes ― all in just six easy weeks! But prepare to be amazed — some of them may occur in just 30 to 90 minutes!

  • WEEK ONE:  SPIKED sex drive
    Your new hormonal increase brings you a spiked sex drive, positive mood changes, and the return of your natural confidence and assertiveness. You are resilient to stress, anxious to tackle new challenges at work and home, energetic.
  • WEEK TWO:  CRAVING physical activity… and NO MORE aches and pains
    By now you find boosted physical energy. In all your physical activities, you discover you’re able to go farther, faster, and do better — whether in the gym, at the office, at home, or in bed. You even start craving physical activity. You may notice your aches and stiffness disappear – fade away as if they were never there — because testosterone is a great anti-inflammatory. But this is a natural fix, not a steroid injection with its dangers of rebound or side effects.
  • WEEK THREE:  Near super-human STRENGTH (careful with this one!)… RAPID fat loss… IMPRESSIVE muscle gains
    Now you realize you can withstand a really serious workout — in bed or in the gym — without injury or prolonged recovery time. You’ve been rejuvenated. You’ll see performance and muscle growth gains you forgot were possible. You may shrink a few holes on your belt, and increase chest size. But don’t get carried away… You don’t want to rip a tendon.
  • WEEKS FOUR & FIVE:  Your mind FOCUSED like a laser beam
    You’ll feel mentally young, as well as physically and emotionally. Better concentration… your IQ may even jump.
  • WEEK SIX:  BURSTING at the seams
    Stronger, sexier, more vital, more energetic, and hungrier for life than you’ve been for years… encompassing sex, physical activity, and overall success.
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“I’m now 65 years old but shortly after turning fifty I noticed a huge difference in my energy level and sexual desire. Simply put, I couldn’t get up either way! With little options available to me, I decided to get your e-book “Overcoming The T-Factor”! I was quite surprised to see the amount of usable information your offered. And even more shocked to see how powerful and effective your discoveries were. I’m like a changed man! Can’t thank you more for the testosterone boost!”

~ Harvey D.  •  Chicago, IL


Forget The Drugs...The Gels…And The Injections!
Let Testosterone Precursors Stimulate More “T” Naturally!

Your testosterone rejuvenation plan is a step by step plan that’s as easy to follow as your car’s GPS navigational instructions.

Simply add these testosterone-enhancing steps to your life — and in just weeks you’ll have a whole new lease on life. While a few of these take place at the gym, most of them can be done in the privacy and sanctity of your own home.

Until recently, men who wanted to safely increase testosterone levels for better health, stronger bodies, and longer, harder erections had only a jumble of unreliable herbal supplements, strict diets, and grueling exercises.

But you won’t find these overhyped hocus-pocus remedies in “Overcoming The T-Factor”. What you get are clinically tested breakthroughs and proven solutions that really work! Find out about a whole new class of naturally occurring male hormones that enable your system to produce all the testosterone you need and help:

  • Promote libido, improve sexual stamina…and stronger erections…
  • Protect yourself against heart attack, high cholesterol, bone loss…
  • Enhance strength and athletic performance…
  • Erase depression and elevate mood…
  • Improve memory, and lower your risk of developing Alzheimer’s…
  • Boost muscle growth and stimulate fat loss…
  • Slow and even reverse the aging process….

Known as testosterone “pro-hormones” or “precursors” – they work by priming your body’s own testosterone pump to make more testosterone naturally, without danger and side-effects.

Metabolized in exactly the same way as the precursors your body naturally produces — only in more limited amounts — these supplements convert to testosterone… in levels that, until now, were achievable only through risky, costly testosterone shots.

Unleash The Power Of Testosterone…
And Discover A New Surge Of Masculinity Throughout Your Body!

In “Overcoming The T-Factor” you’ll discover every secret…every breakthrough…every solution to help you restore your forgotten youthfulness and reinstate your sexual stamina! Learn about:

  • The #1 most serious threat to masculinity – and six ways to minimize it in your life starting today.
  • Four mostly-avoidable common substances that slow testosterone production in its tracks…
    Are you guilty of using them?
  • The three most important nutrients your body needs to boost your testosterone into
    high gear…all within 24 hours!
  • How to dodge that Pink Hormone! It will viciously attack your sex drive. Learn about the 2 supplements
    proven to destroy it and keep your hormones in proper balance. (Protects you from cancer too.)
  • The testosterone precursor you’re likely to be deficient in — resulting in shorter lifespan, more illness, more inflammatory disease (leading to heart attacks and cancer), depression, brain fog, and more.
  • 5 sex-enhancing plants used for eons around the world, some even developing into erotic rituals and traditions.
    How many do you know about?
  • An Amazon River herb is a powerful aphrodisiac with two convincing studies showing a marked increase in sexual interest (60% and 62%) and improvement in erectile problems (51% and 50%).
  • The real hidden cause of ED and what you can do to improve your erection abilities by simply increasing T-levels
    in just 5 days!
  • Taking a special berry that can help alleviate your prostate symptoms and shrink your enlarged prostate
    in just a few weeks!
  • The pro-hormone that caused a rapid rise in testosterone from 22% to 52% — with rising levels measured at 30 minutes, and the peak occurring in just 90 minutes.
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Big Testosterone―Delivers Big Sex!
Now You Can Turn Once a Month into Every Day!

Wouldn’t you be interested in a natural way to transform into a sexual dynamo? Think back now…

…to the days when your urge for sex was so out of control, all you could think about, all day long, was wild, hot, totally uninhibited …S–E–X.

Those were the times when that long-awaited moment would finally arrive, and you were strong and potent enough it make it happen! So, why let failed libido or wimpy erections ruin your love life now?

So if you have no desire to experience incredible, wild, passionate sex — what I’m about to tell you will be of little importance. But if you want to lose those love handles and deliver the ultimate times beneath the sheets then you need to read what’s on page 58 in “Overcoming The T-Factor”.

Inside you’ll also find out about:

  • How a new study conducted at the University of Tel Aviv, which discovered a certain amino acid which taken daily could improve erectile dysfunction within 2 weeks…
      See Page 51  
  • How a simple exercise that you can do prior to lovemaking which will stimulate your penis to be harder and last longer…  See Page 60  
  • How it’s possible to burn about 7500 calories over a year without leaving your bedroom…  See Page 67  
  • How raising your testosterone levels can help increase your orgasms while at the same time alleviating most of your prostate problems…  See Page 72  
  • How a certain herb used for centuries by Brazilian tribes as a cure for sexual impotence can also be a great remedy for arthritis, rheumatism, and dysentery. It’s nickname is “potency wood” and for good reasons…  See Page 76  
  • How to super-charge your sex life by releasing endorphins and keeping your sexual desire in full gear…
      See Page 85  

Don’t Bury Your Manhood!
Discover How “Overcoming The T-Factor” Can Have You
Keeping Up With The Young Guys!

As a man, there’s nothing more powerful… more important… more healthy… than the testosterone that runs through your veins. It is what gives you strength, confidence, virility, energy ― it’s the very essence of your manhood.

By boosting your testosterone you can have the stamina to keep up with those half your age.

Imagine if you can…

  • Play ball with those 20 years younger and do most of the scoring!
  • Have your lover screaming “enough” after hours of lovemaking!
  • Pump higher weights in the gym and burn more calories!
  • Start feeling younger…looking younger…and thinking younger!

Well, it’s now possible for you to turn back the male aging clock with a copy of “Overcoming The T-Factor”.

Wipe Out At Least 20 Years Of Aging With These Simple Tips!

As a man, there is nothing more desirable than having an overabundance of testosterone. When your testosterone levels drop, it’s not only your sexual drive and performance that suffer. Your self-esteem and confidence also drop. Your ability to reason, your creativity, and your memory slowly fizzle out. Your strength, speed, and stamina plummet and your body loses its ability to heal itself. Wouldn’t it be nice to have more of this hormone?

The good news: It’s now possible. And it’s not as difficult as you might think. The testosterone boosting recommendations you’ll find in the "Overcoming The T-Factor" will have you feeling and acting more like a “real man” than you have in years.

Discover how:

  • To saturate your body with testosterone — just by eating more of these delicious foods.  See Page 52  
  • To avoid stress and keep your testosterone levels high. Unmanaged stress produces a hormone called cortisol, which accelerates your age while it decreases muscle and testosterone!   See Page 52  
  • To sustain a rush of energy by performing one simple task 3 hours before you’re going to take on sex, work, or exercise.   See Page 52  
  • To relieve arthritis, headaches, and neck and shoulder pain by just having more sex.   See Page 49  
  • A list of prescription drugs can not only have nasty side effects but can also lower your testosterone!   See Page 35  
  • One dietary supplement can help to accelerate fat-burning and have you dropping pounds and inches within weeks.   See Page 40  

Start using these solutions in the "Overcoming The T-Factor" and I guarantee you’ll NEVER again run out of ways to add fire and energy to your sex life.

The amount of research that has been done has been overwhelming! These medical experts have literally searched the world for the most potent and effective sex stimulants and erection-builders they could find!

When your personal "Overcoming The T-Factor" program arrives, you’ll be able to start immediately to bring your body back to its natural balance. You’ll know exactly what to do, how to bring down your estrogen levels, increase your testosterone levels, lower your insulin output, lower your bad cholesterol — and more!

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Mark Rosenberg M.D.
Medical Director, Institute for Healthy Aging • Boca Raton, FL

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