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Dodging Cancer & Disease―
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Classified Secrets That Have Been
Medically Proven To Defy Cancer
And Most Diseases… FINALLY REVEALED!

Until now this protocol to cure cancer and many other crippling diseases has remained underground, censored by big pharmaceutical companies and cancer clinics. Those days are now over! Discover how you can save the life of a loved one or even yourself!

Nowadays, just about everyone is affected, directly or indirectly, by the deteriorating disease of cancer. It could be your brother, sister, aunt, uncle, friend, or even the guy next door. No one knows when the “shoe falls” and suddenly you might be confronted with a life-changing disease.

The worst part of hearing this tragic news is―you can’t do anything about it!

After the shock sets in you most likely will find yourself depressed, confused, and scared. It’s hard to imagine what one goes through until it hits close to home.

I distinctly remember getting the news about my best friend Cindy. Somehow you remember everything about that day. You recall the time of day…what you’re eating at the moment…and even what you were wearing. It’s hard to accept the news even when it’s not you.

Cindy was diagnosed with Lung Cancer. Yes, she smoked and rarely took good care of herself but she was only 51 years old. If you have ever experienced the “cancer process” you probably know what follows: endless doctor’s visits, test after test, radiation, chemotherapy and the deterioration of your immune system that leaves you weak and emotionally drained!

But what if there was something that you could do?

What if there was something that would ease the pain or even better, prevent those afflicted from dying. I’ll tell you this much…if I knew of these cures back then I wouldn’t have hesitated to give them to Cindy.

For decades thousands have been waiting for a “miracle cure” that could end the fear of ever getting Diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, or even Cancer. I’m happy to say those days are knocking at our front door. What I’m about to share with you are some secrets that until now have remained unsolved. Once you learn of them you’ll have the ability to not only prevent but possibly cure most cancers. These secrets are simply the best answer for extending your life expectancy for you and your family.

Surprisingly, these breakthrough secrets have nothing to do with drugs, surgery, or any “quack” or unethical treatments. What I am about to reveal to you has been researched by one of America’s leading anti-aging medical doctors and is totally natural, safe and very effective.

I’m betting at this moment you are shaking your head in disbelief. Not surprised since nothing has work to date―and especially something natural! But within the next few minutes I’m going to give you enough reasons why you must learn about this amazing medical-changing discovery!

Why Is This Cancer Cure Being Hidden From You?

I’m Dale Brown and the health editor for a publication called Healthy Answers. For the past few years I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know an amazing doctor who has almost single-handedly changed the way our society deals with serious diseases including the worst one―CANCER. His approach to the research and treatment of cancer will soon have desperate folks rethinking their health and their future.

His name is Mark Rosenberg M.D. He is also the founder of the “Institute for Healthy Aging” where he’s currently bringing to fruition years of research and clinical studies on what should be the next BIG CURE for cancer and other life-threatening diseases!

In my life I’ve seen many close workers, friends, and relatives who have endured the suffering of living with cancer. Some of them are survivors…and others unfortunately have fallen victim to their fate.

If I had to summarize the worst part of it all…it would have to be the treatment! Pharmaceutical companies sadly make their profits by the usage of drugs. Doctors make their livelihood from performing surgery.

Obviously, this all adds up to MONEY―and lots of it! No wonder why natural cures are often silenced by drug companies and their lobbyists. Can’t imagine coming between stockholder’s profits and the health of innocent patients. Yes…I’m being a bit sarcastic but I’m simply frustrated that it has to be this way!

It wasn’t until after reading Dr. Rosenberg's latest book that I had a “Eureka” moment and realized that for the first time there’s now a chance to eradicate cancer and many other awful diseases.

“I believe it is actually “toxic aging” that sets the stage for cancer and many other diseases. By preventing toxic aging from occurring, we can prevent most cancers from developing as well as ward off other debilitating age-related diseases. The secrets lie in knowing how to oppose the oxidative stress that gets placed on our cells every day and prevent the cellular breakdown and DNA damage that precedes disease.”

~ Mark Rosenberg M.D.  •  “Dodging Diseases & Cancer”

Stop “Oxidative Stress” From Becoming The Ultimate Killer!
Now You Can Protect Every Life-Sustaining Cell In Your Body!

As soon as someone is diagnosed with a serious illness like Cancer, Alzheimer’s, or Parkinson’s disease most medical experts start pointing their fingers at either lifestyle or environmental reasons for their problems. But in fact, much of the “why” depends on someone’s individual DNA structure. Most medical problems are derived from someone’s own heredity and cellular predisposition on their immune system, which directly affects their ability to fight off cancer cells.

That’s why protecting and preserving your cellular DNA from devastating damage, along with boosting your immune system, is the best way to battle against “toxic aging” and the diseases it can bring.

In Dr. Rosenberg’s book “Dodging Cancer & Disease: Kill It Before It Kills You”, he goes into great detail explaining how you can use specific anti-aging measures to promote healthy aging and prevent disease.

Through his research he has identified how “oxidative stress” that’s activated through free radical damage seems to create cellular damage by exposing the cell to reactive oxygen species (ROS). When there is nothing to interrupt the damaging effects of these entities, oxidation starts to occur within the cell and deterioration of the integrity, and health, of the cell begin. Over time this accumulation of age-related cellular debris contributes to the rapid process of aging and chronic diseases.

Probably to some this might seem complicated but let me explain in easier terms….

Most of us have seen rust form on the metal of old cars and over time it’s quite obvious that it can eventually eat its way completely through, destroying the exterior of the car. Well, oxidation on the cellular level behaves much the same way. This same oxidative “rust” can form on healthy human cells leaving it badly weakened and an avenue for diseases to start.

Nobel Prize Winner Discovers How To Prevent ALL Cancers!

Inside “Dodging Cancer”, find out how Nobel Prize Winner, Dr. Otto Warburg, discovers the link between cellular oxygen and cancer.

Learn what happens when you deprive cells of oxygen for more than 48 hours! You’ll also find out how cells struggling for oxygen will go through a process called “gluconeogenisis” to survive. Learn why Dr. Warburg believes that all cancers can be prevented if respiration of body cells were kept intact. It’s all revealed on…Page 54!

It’s amazing how much damage we do ourselves because of oxidative stress. Imagine if we could just eliminate stress…and I’m talking about any type of stress! I know for a fact we would certainly live a lot longer and a lot healthier. Fortunately, Dr. Rosenberg goes into great depth explaining this process and what you can do immediately to alleviate anymore damage to your healthy cells.

No One Believed Him At First… And The Drug
Companies Hated What He Discovered!

Finding a natural cure for cancer or even any disease is not the subject matter pharmaceutical companies want to talk about. It’s well stated that drug companies make money selling drugs. To even try to calculate the revenue they make from chemotherapy is almost impossible. When Dr. Rosenberg started to publish some of his research it wasn’t a surprise that many drug companies and conventional doctors showed little interest. Selfishly, they have a tendency to often refute…contradict…and reject any natural cure that would hinder their chance of making profits.

After reading Dr. Rosenberg’s discoveries revealed in “Dodging Cancer & Disease” you’ll clearly understand how important it is to get this information into the hands of anyone suffering with serious disease or cancer. Not only will you discover the latest natural cancer treatments but you’ll also learn how you can extend your life expectancy by 10…15…or even 20 years. Plus…every one of those years will have you living a quality of life that you deserve!

The best part is: Dr. Rosenberg not only tells you why…but he tells you how!

Nothing is held back! The doctor opens his research files so you can actually see what he has discovered and how some of his patients are now in cancer remission because of his findings.

If you are one bit concerned about getting cancer…recovering from cancer…or know someone who has cancer, then I suggest you don’t wait even a moment finding out what he has to say!

Meet Dr. Rosenberg

Mark Rosenberg, M.D. is director of the Institute For Healthy Aging in Florida. For the past 15 years he has combined modern medicine with nutrition, exercise, and physiology to create a natural program for healthier living. He is currently involved in research for discovering new and effective treatments for battling diseases and cancer.

  • Doctor of Medicine Georgetown University School of Medicine
  • Emergency Medicine Residency Brook Army Medical Center
  • Assistant Director of Emergency Medicine Bethesda Memorial Hospital
  • Diplomat of The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
  • Certified Consultant National Strength and Conditioning Association
  • Director and Founder The Institute for Healthy Aging
  • Global Lecturer On Integrative Cancer Therapy and Anti-Aging
  • Currently Conducting Cancer Research Colombia, South America
  • Chief Science Officer Vitalmax Vitamins

Don’t Let The Drug Companies Scare You Away…
Discover Disease-Fighting Secrets Never Published Before!

If the big pharmaceutical companies had their way they would burn this information sight unseen. Why? You could blame it on stockholders, corporate greed, or the fact they simply don’t care. As soon as a natural alternative treatment becomes public, they dispute it without any consideration about the value it may have for patients frustrated with the cost and awful side effects of their drugs.

For these reasons alone I couldn’t wait to introduce Dr. Rosenberg’s book “Dodging Cancer: Kill It…Before It Kills You” to you. It would be heart-wrenching to know that anyone suffering from cancer or any other serious disease didn’t read this vital life-saving information.

Here’s a peek of the undisclosed medical secrets you’ll find inside:

  • What daily activity you can simply do that will give you or a loved one a 20% increase in their capacity to survive their cancer. Page 59
  • One natural substance that can directly inhibit breast cancer cells by 75%. It’s even more effective then the popular drug, Tamixofen. Page 35
  • The truth about a high-powered antioxidant and its effectiveness at preventing diseases and extending your lifespan by decades. Page 12
  • Why Glutathione is considered the “master antioxidant and can assist cellular metabolism, DNA repair, cell growth and gene expression. Page 23
  • How a natural growth hormone precursor can block carcinogenesis and stop present cancer cells from multiplying freely. Page 40
  • How Pterostilbene, a very strong antioxidant, can fight against free radical oxidation and help prevent heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Page 27
  • What injections to avoid that can mistakenly increase your levels of IGF-1 and speed up the growth of cancer cells? Page 42
  • A story about Len, a patient who managed to live many years longer by foregoing the traditional chemotherapy surgery. Page 88
  • What gentle supplement can naturally support the liver by filtering out life-threatening toxins in your body? Page 20

Please, remember to share this information with anyone you know who’s presently suffering from any disease, especially cancer. Regardless if it’s a Big Pharma company, the FDA, or even the US Congress you should have a right to do anything in your power to fight and survive these diseases.

In the next few minutes you’ll discover even more reasons why this book “Dodging Cancer and Disease” is making a huge difference in the lives of so many.

An Unexpected Hospital Visit From A Doctor’s Own Mother

This remarkable story started a personal quest for a cancer cure…
it’s now changing the lives of thousands!

Imagine you’re a doctor in an emergency room of a hospital treating various patients with life-threatening injuries….and in walks your own mother. Inside his book: “Dodging Cancer and Disease” you’ll read this amazing story about Dr. Rosenberg’s own mother’s fight with cancer.

You’ll discover how his mother’s breathing difficulties resulted in news that no doctor could bear. With time not on his or her side, Dr. Rosenberg had only wished that his new cancer treatment protocol was available back then. It could have certainly extended her life for a few more years or even saved her!


Most Every Major Disease Can Be Healed By These Secret Therapies!

Listen, I’m not the kind of person who buys into every new cure or solution that comes around the corner. I’ve read my share of books and studied almost everything I can get my hands on when it comes to serious health issues. So I can confidently tell you that I’m not clueless when someone tries to “pull the wool over my eyes” and pitch me a bogus…unsubstantiated…or unqualified cure-all solution. I’m sure you too have seen many of these so-called unverified health breakthroughs.

But once you read Dr. Rosenberg’s book “Dodging Cancer and Disease” I guarantee that the mountain of evidence that he presents is so strong…so effective…and so valid that you won’t think twice about owning a copy.

Not only are his secrets and solutions the proper approach to conquering cancer, it will also provide natural treatments for disease such as: Alzheimer’s, AIDs, Arthritis, Arteriosclerosis, Diabetes, Parkinson’s, Cardiovascular, Influenza, Shingles, and many more.

Imagine never again having to rely on prescription drugs, or having major surgery, or even spending hours sitting in a doctor’s office.

Once you discover the secrets that Dr. Rosenberg unfolds in his book, “Dodging Cancer & Disease”, you’ll live not only healthier but for a lot longer. This is truly the only book that I’ve read that goes into detail on how to get to the real core and causes of most major diseases!

Two Breakthrough Treatments That Are Turning
Cancer Patients Into Cancer Survivors!

For years doctors, surgeons, pharmacies, and hospitals have been digging into the pockets of insurance agents and wallets of patients to help pay for new buildings, new equipment, and more profits. With all these millions spent you would think there would be a whole lot more cancer survivors. That’s why it’s important to you or any loved one that might be inflicted with a life-changing disease to do anything and everything in your power to look for options that are less invasive…less painful…and less costly!

In Dr. Rosenberg’s book, “Dodging Cancer & Disease” you’ll discover two amazing natural alternative breakthroughs that I guarantee will really help make a difference in how you approach and prevent diseases.

Inside this remarkable book you’ll learn all about:

  • How one herbal-based complementary cancer treatment has been successfully used in Europe, for over 90 years…
  • A celebrity actress who in 2001 announced on Larry King Live that she was foregoing traditional chemotherapy to use this herbal secret…
  • Evidence obtained from research studies about this amazing cancer remedy that can hinder the growth of cancer cells…
  • A German research study that showed how one natural nutrient was capable of increasing the survival times of many cancer patients…
  • Bowel cancer patients who had increased their survival rates longer than 5 years after being injected with a secret herbal therapy…
  • How a normal vitamin when administered correctly can effectively oxygenate cancer cells and cause their demise…
  • A clinic in Kansas that’s been using a particular vitamin for over 20 years and claiming excellent results without any adverse side effects…
  • Many other cures and remedies you need to know about…

Fight Toxic Aging And Reach Your 100th Birthday

“Everything depends on someone’s individual DNA structure, heredity and cellular predisposition on how equipped your immune system is at fighting off cancer cells and disease. This is where diligent attention to healthy aging and anti-aging regimens will help you prevent and dodge the worst diseases.” ~ Mark Rosenberg

Read how you can now protect and preserve your cellular DNA on Page 6!

Years Of Research…Clinical Testing…
And Solid Science Delivers The Natural Cures
And Treatments For Fighting Diseases!

Now you have the opportunity to get the inside treatments to heal virtually most diseases without always resorting to prescription drugs or surgery. Much of what you’ll learn will probably never be advocated by most doctors. That’s understandable because medical training is geared to relying on the use of drugs and performing surgery. Rarely, does medical education offer training for natural alternative treatments.

Inside “Dodging Cancer & Disease”, Mark Rosenberg M.D. goes way beyond what most books have offered in the past. Along with the two major discoveries he’s mentioned above, Dr. Rosenberg includes other untold secrets dealing with cancer and disease.

Here’s more of what you can discover:

  • Why an amazing diet can reduce cancer tumors as well as help control neurological conditions. Page 111
  • The mystery on how far infrared (FIR) can help kill cancer cells and treat other diseases. Page 140
  • News about a study on how a particular vitamin has been effective in killing prostate and colon cancer cells in mice. Page 59
  • How hyperthermia and its super-heating abilities are an effective cancer treatment. Page 104
  • How HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) is effective for many neurodegenerative disease states, including Alzheimer Parkinson’s disease, and even autism. Page 107
  • Read about Bob, a cancer survivor and diabetic who put his thyroid cancer into remission with the help of HBOT. Page 109
  • How an ATP precursor can increase cellular energy by almost 50%, reduce oxidative stress, treat fibromyalgia and safeguard you from heart failure. Page 24
  • The one item sitting in your pantry that can feed cancer cells and weaken your immune system in just a few scoops! Page 59
  • The time of day most beneficial for creating Vitamin D and protecting yourself against developing melanoma, a deadly skin cancer. Page 24

The Amazing Power Of Hydrazine Sulfate!

Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, had done a randomized trial for 10 years (1981-1990) investigating the usefulness of one alternative-cancer approach, hydrazine sulfate, in fighting cancer and improving the nutritional status of cancer patients.
As well, other countries, such as Russia, today uses hydrazine sulfate as an advanced cancer treatment supported by its own clinical trials. In Canada, the Health Protection Branch of Health Canada allows hydrazine sulfate to be used by physicians treating cancer patients as long as they are under medical supervision.

Any Family With A History Of Cancer…Needs To Read This Book!

It’s hard to imagine any family not being subject to someone falling victim to cancer. I can tell you that personally I’m going to take every one of Dr. Rosenberg’s recommendations seriously. The last thing I want is to see myself suffer like my mother did. Usually, these types of books are written by a researcher or health writer but not “Dodging Cancer and Disease”. Dr. Rosenberg did a great job providing so much information and reliable solutions that it’s worth every penny I spent!  
~ Jack Snyder • Brooklyn, N.Y.

Why Hasn’t Anyone Mentioned These Cancer Secrets Sooner?

No one wants to go through the horrors of chemotherapy. Wish someone would have mentioned these alternative breakthroughs sooner. Dr Rosenberg has certainly done his homework and offers some incredible natural ways of dealing with cancer and many other serious life-threatening diseases. I have already started using some of his recommendations and feel like a million dollars. Great job Dr. Rosenberg!  
~ Bob Miller • Scottsdale, AZ

There Are A Lot Of Cancer Books…But This One Is Definitely A Bestseller!

After seeing friends and family suffer with all kinds of awful diseases I’ve taken a serious interest in cutting my own risk of developing one. I have to say that “Dodging Cancer & Disease: Kill It Before It Kills You” is probably the best book I’ve read in a long time. Not only do you get the latest research on cancer but you actually get natural preventative information you can do at home. Easy to read and jam-packed with solutions!   
~ Mary Cartwright • Menlo Park, CA

Who Doesn’t Have Medical Problems? I Assure You This Book Could Be A Life-Saver!

I want to thank you for a great book. It seems everyone I know is dealing with some type of illness. Too much time is being spent visiting doctors and taking prescription drugs. I love this book and I’m going to listen to every one of your recommendations. Maybe now I can start living healthy again. Believe me I’m going to tell all my friends about this book.   
~ Susan McDermott • Buckhead, GA

Aging Has Never Been Explained Better! No Excuse Now For Not Living Longer!

Dr. Rosenberg is brilliant! If you’re tired of listening to conventional doctors and overloading on prescription drugs then I suggest you read this book. No one wants to get cancer or any other terrible disease and after reading this email book I was happy to finally know how to avoid them. Thanks a bunch for a well written and helpful book.   
~ Tom Clancy • Chicago, IL

The Ultimate Pain Killer (without drugs)!

A successful, newer treatment for fibromyalgia is hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) This revolutionary remedy is capable of delivering an ample supply of oxygen to the body which helps remove lactic acid from muscles and reduce pain.

Find out the details on how this therapy can help reduce pain and even help treat cancer. More on Page 45!

There Is Finally A Cure To Help You Avoid
Becoming The Next Victim Of A Deadly Disease!

Dr. Rosenberg’s book “Dodging Cancer & Disease: Kill It Before It Kills You” was written to allow you to have the weapons necessary to defeat or prevent getting some of today’s major diseases. After months and years of research this doctor has delivered treatments that until now have been forbidden by conventional medicine. These discoveries are so remarkably effective and powerful it’s important that everyone reads this information.


Go ahead and take your time reading this book and if you find no value on the information that Dr. Rosenberg has presented then rest assured that you have nothing to lose…not even a penny. No questions asked!

I’ve personally read this book many times and have found it to be one the most complete and informative books of its kind. Of course I’m not a doctor and hope you understand that I’m not in the position to offer any medical advice.

It’s important for you to realize that the information you discover in this book is not to replace any medical decisions or treatments made by your personal physician. No one knows your individual medical condition better than him or her.

But what it might to do―is to give you natural options that you might not have known or thought about before!

What you’ll gain from reading “Dodging Cancer & Diseases” is a new way of naturally treating aggressive diseases that would normally be ignored by 98% of doctors today!

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No One Has Immunity…Until Now!
Now You Can Defy Cancer and Nearly Every Disease―Naturally!

Unfortunately, no one knows how the dice will roll. At any time or any place bad medical news can come your way. The thought that you or a loved one could be faced with the possibility of losing the joys of life or even life itself is despairing. That’s why you must take any prevention to eliminate devastating diseases from crippling your hopes, your dreams, and your longevity.

The book “Dodging Cancer & Disease: Kill It…Before It Kills You” is going to be the best news you’ve gotten in a long time. No longer will you need to scratch your head wondering what you need to do to avoid becoming the next victim to an unwanted disease. No longer will you have to miss the day when your grandchild graduates from college or gets married. Living to a happy, healthy old age is now possible!

Don’t miss this opportunity to make a difference in your life or the life of someone you dearly love. Battling disease is now achievable and “Dodging Cancer & Disease” can be the lifeline you need!

Make the decision today to help you or a loved one. There is no better gift than giving someone else the chance to live a happy long life. Take these secrets…share them with your doctor…and together have a life well lived!

Sincerely yours,

Dale Brown
Health Editor



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