Nutrition data and facts are useful items when trying to maintain a healthy diet. The effects nutrition can have on your body, especially as we age, are topics you’ll find in our nutritional health articles.

Everyday nutrition is important and with healthy recipes and proper supplements you can lose weight fast and stay healthy. With Healthy Answers you discover if McDonald’s nutrition any better than Subway nutrition? If a gluten free diet or an Atkins diet is right for you.

Start a healthy living plan to reach optimum nutrition by following a good food pyramid diet. Whether you counting calories or on a strict diabetic diet, every question you have will be addressed here on Healthy Answers.

Heart Disease Risk Soars After 2 Weeks of This…

Treating yourself to that daily soft drink as a pick me up at work, or to power your gym workout or home chores sounds pretty harmless, right? Well, I’ve got some surprising news for you.  Researchers at the University of California Davis have found a surprising connection between sugary soft drinks and heart disease.  Let […]

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Diet Soda and Your Belly: The Dangerous Link

You go to the gym several days a week trying to get rid of that unsightly belly fat that seems to have taken up permanent residence on your lap.  After a good workout, you pass by the soda machines and grab a diet soda on the way out the door.  You’re thirsty and you want […]

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Prevent Alzheimer’s and Stroke with The MIND

A few decades ago, cardiology researchers created the DASH diet to control high blood pressure.  I’ve frequently prescribed it to my patients as it’s very successful at lowering blood pressure.  Lower blood pressure protects your heart, as well as your brain, as high blood pressure can lead to stroke. Then, researchers started studying the healthy […]

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4 Power Seeds That Fight Diseases of Aging

Today’s complex techno-world is full of man-made processed foods, synthetic medicines, and artificial replicas of just about everything.  Yet, there are 4 of Nature’s superpower foods that you can still turn to for good health, especially as you get older.  Here’s what they are… Super Seeds:  4 of Nature’s Best Anti-Aging, Health Boosting Foods It’s […]

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Public Health Risk: Caramel Coloring in Sodas May Be Deadly

Health researchers may have finally put the nail in the coffin of our national addiction to cola consumption.  As a cardiologist, I couldn’t be happier.  My colleagues and I have known for some time that colas (and other soft drinks) are a significant detriment to your heart and overall health.  And it’s not just about […]

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Are Your Bones Getting Enough of this Crucial Cell Salt?

Health researchers (as well as your mom) have been telling you for years that you need to eat more fruits and vegetables for good health.  Seems we’re always hearing something new about their many health benefits.  And, now, I’ve got yet another reason for you to eat more fruits and vegetables, especially if you’re over […]

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Do This 4 Times a Day To Beat Melanoma

If you’re like me, you love your coffee.  It gets you going in the morning, picks you up from a late afternoon slump and gives you that all needed early evening boost at the gym later.  But, along with the rejuvenating effect of coffee, as a dermatologist, there’s an even more important reason I love […]

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February Heart Health Tip: Don’t Overload This Mineral

February is officially Heart Health Month marked by one of my favorite days, which just passed, Valentine’s Day.  Even better, the Valentine’s chocolate we all have been consuming and love so much is actually good for our heart.  Well, not all the sugar and fat, but its cocoa content.  Cocoa is full of nutrients that […]

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Younger Skin in 2015: The Top 5 Things To Avoid

Whenever a new year starts, it’s always a reminder that time is constantly marching forward.  If you’re like many of my patients, though, you’re looking for a way to turn back the clock on the way your skin looks.  And, happily, you can limit some of the damage of time to your skin just by […]

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This Mediterranean Staple Food Boosts Heart Health

If you’re over 50, you likely grew up eating beef, a staple of most American diets for the last 50 plus years. I know I did.  Steaks on a summer grill and beef hamburgers are as much American tradition as apple pie.  It’s the reason we have so many (beef) burger businesses across the United […]

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Are You Suffering From This “Hidden” Epidemic?

As a doctor, it’s hard for me to believe that in a country of abundant food sources that anyone in the U.S. could suffer from malnutrition.  But, it’s true. In fact, there is an epidemic of “hidden” malnutrition amongst older people in the U.S. today.  Each week, I see at least a handful of them. […]

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Calcium and Collagen: The Dynamic Duo That Prevents Bone Loss

As an orthopedist, I always make sure my older patients are getting enough calcium and Vitamin D to protect against bone loss and osteoporosis.  Post-menopausal women are at highest risk for osteoporosis.  Recently, though, researchers out of Florida State University have added another nutrient which helps prevents bone loss even better.  Let me tell you […]

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