Money Matters

Looking for information on how to get a loan? Want to invest in the stock market during your retirement years? Need a way to pay off your credit cards? Want to make sure there’s money for your golden years?

When it comes to your finances your money really matters.

And to get the right answers dealing with all your financial issues you can find them here in HealthyAnswers, Money Matters! Whether it’s saving money, how to bank smartly or trying to earn more money you can learn all the facts here. Everything you need to know about your money is covered in these articles.

Easy DIY Home Improvement Projects That Boost The Value of Your Home

Now that you’re older and it’s just you and your spouse, or just you; you may have been thinking about downsizing into a smaller home.  But before you ask a real estate agent to come over and place a dollar value on your home, take the time to do a few easy do-it-yourself home improvement […]

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Pay Down Debt Faster with Stack method

Pay Down Debt Faster with the Stack Method

At the start of every New Year, everyone wants to know how to save more money.  One of the best ways to do it is to stop spending so much of it on credit card debt.  The faster you pay down higher interest credit cards and loans, the better your credit rating will be and […]

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Financially Strapped Boomers, Give yourself a helping hand

Financially Strapped Boomers: Give Yourself A Helping Hand

Boomers have been ridiculed in the press recently for being the cause of the national debt problem.  Certain Gen X journalists are even disgruntled that Boomers are going to live longer than previous generation counterparts and their Gen X, or even Millennial, kids will have to assume their care and debt longer than bearable. Though […]

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10 Ways To Save More Money in 2014

You probably have noticed that prices of food and many other things have gone up in the last several months. While there’s nothing you can do about the state of our economy, there are some things you can do to help the state of your own economy.  You can find ways to decrease the cost […]

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Cash In on All the Discounts You Can

One New Year’s Resolution to Keep: Cash In On All The Discounts You Can!

Yes, it’s true, another new year has begun.  You’re a year older, and wiser, and still keeping a close eye on your finances.  Your money may partially be going to caring for older parents, helping your kids and/or grandkids, or trying to start a new business venture for yourself.  You may also be trying to […]

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Taxes: Are You Leaving Money on the Table?

It’s the start of a new year and tax season is just around the corner.  Now is the time you will want to start getting all your tax preparation information together.  While doing so, you’ll want to make sure that you’re taking all the legal deductions that you can, especially if you’re self-employed, own a […]

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Can Your Hobby Pay Off?

Can Your Hobby Pay Off?

You’ve been practicing your hobby for years on weekends or whenever you could find a few extra hours here and there while working and running the rest of your life.  Now, you’re nearing retirement age and you’ve been thinking about all that extra time you can spend with your hobby.  And then, suddenly, the idea […]

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Expiration Dates Can Be Extended

The Dumpster Divers May Be On To Something…

A recent Time Magazine article by Joel Stein, ‘Til Mold Do Us Part’, states that an American family of 4 throws out about $1,560 worth of edible food annually. Yikes…that’s about 461.5 tanks of gas (figuring at about current median of 3.25/gallon); 7.5 car payments of $200; 300 Starbucks coffees (at $5 each); a little […]

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Generation Squeeze — Are You Caught Up In It?

If you’re over-50, maybe closer to 60 and over, your money may be caught in the “Generation Squeeze”.  This is the name given to the phenomenon of Boomers who are financially helping out both their grown kids and elderly parents.  You may be working, often, to support 3 groups of people – yourself, your kids, […]

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Make Your Life Skills Pay Off in A Second Act Career

In This Life, What Will Your Second-Act Be?

Now that you’re over 50, your kids are likely grown, or on their way, and you may be nearing retirement.  As a Boomer, you’re not looking to idle your days away watching television or doing crossword puzzles. You’re thinking about which new adventure you can create for yourself.  Making some incredible money would also be […]

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Make Money, Have Fun, Meet People - Start Your Own Tourguide Business

A Unique Way to Have Fun, Meet People, And Make Money!

So you’ve been kicking around ideas of what you’d like to do for your Second Act Career.  You’re not ready to retire but you’re done with your old job life and want to do something you can invest yourself in and will enjoy doing. Your strong points are a friendly personality, you enjoy people, know […]

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7 Tips to Save on Auto Insurance

7 Tips To Get the Best Boomer Rate on Auto Insurance

If you’re like most Boomers, you’re still leading an active life working or on the go with other interests.  As such, you need your car to stay independent and car expenses (maintenance and insurance) are two necessary costs you’ll have.  But, you’d also like to try and save a little money too. Specialists recommend that […]

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