Mental Clarity

These 3 Healthy Habits Fight Mental Decline

One of the biggest fears my patients have about getting older is losing their mental sharpness.  But, the truth is, mental decline is not a “given” of getting older.  Rather, it’s a consequence, or the end result, of not safeguarding your overall health.  That’s why I’d like to tell you about 3 simple ways you […]

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Control This 1 Thing to Prevent Brain Cell Damage

Aging gracefully is part genetics and how well you take care of yourself through the years.  Anti-aging researchers now have a better understanding of just how important stress is in relation to how youthful you’ll stay as you get older.  That’s why I want to tell you about some new findings about how chronic stress […]

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Over 50 – This 1 Thing Could Age Your Brain Faster

As people get older, they tend to sleep less. The reason why can have a lot of factors. A combination of hormone imbalances, melatonin and other nutritional deficiencies, stress, lack of exercise, or illness can contribute to poor sleep. Just because poor sleep is common to people over age 50, that doesn’t mean it’s a […]

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Smell This and Boost Your Memory

If you’re having problems with those senior moment memory glitches, wouldn’t it be great if you could just smell something regularly to improve them? Well, with the results of new research out of Wales, you may be able to do just that.  I’d like to share with you the findings of that research using an […]

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4 Lifestyle Factors That Build Mental Fitness

If I told you that there are 4 areas of your life that determine how mentally sharp you’ll be in your 80s, and beyond, would you be willing to make a few changes to boost your advantage?  I’m betting your answer is Yes.  So I put together those 4 things in this mini-report so you […]

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Blood Sugar, Hypertension and Your Brain – High Risk for Cell Loss

Achieving and maintaining a normal weight is always beneficial to your health, no matter what age you are.  It decreases your risk for other obesity-related diseases like diabetes, hypertension and heart disease to name just a few.  But, if you’re middle-aged, ages 40 to 64, there’s one more reason for keeping your weight, and your […]

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Endurance Exercise Increases Brain Capacity

New Hope For Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Patients

You already know that exercise will help you maintain a healthy weight and a healthy heart.  But did you also know that it can also protect your brain as you get older? It’s true.  New research just in has discovered a pretty amazing fact about the effect of endurance exercise on your brain. It also […]

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Low Testosterone and Alzheimer's Connection

Part II: The Low Testosterone And Alzheimer’s Connection

In Part I, I told you about the things that can increase a woman’s risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease and, how, women can be more adversely affected.  In Part II, I’d like to talk to you about the health and lifestyle issues that increase a man’s risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease and some surprising conclusions […]

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Alzheimer's Disease, the toll on women is greater

Alzheimer’s Disease Part I: Is the Toll On Women Greater?

In this two-part series on Alzheimer disease, I would like to make my readers aware of the different risks that affect women and men.  In part I, I’d like to talk primarily to my female readers about the hormonal and nutritional issues that put women at risk for Alzheimer as well as how the disease […]

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PART II: Memory And Future Decisions

Mike, a patient of mine, recently confided in me that he was conflicted and a little anxious lately. He told me it was because he had been having a life problem that he didn’t quite know how to handle.  He said that his mind was clouded with past memories that were affecting his current decision.  […]

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PART I: You Can Prevent Those ‘Tip Of The Tongue’ Memory Errors

One of the most frustrating, and embarrassing, things has to be those memory glitches that occur when you’re trying to recall information that you just can’t access.  You may be having a conversation with someone and you’re trying to tell him or her the name of some actor in a movie or some product you […]

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optimize your fluid intelligence

Your Intelligence: Fluid Or Crystallized?

The majority of my patients are over the age of 40 – the age when fluid intelligence starts to decline and crystallized intelligence dominates.  Right about now you’re likely thinking, what the heck is fluid and crystallized intelligence? Well, that’s what I’d like to explain to you.  If you’re over the age of 40, you […]

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