Hearing Loss May Reveal Early Heart Disease

You’ve heard me say many times that your heart health is often reflected in other parts of your body.  In fact, signs and symptoms of underlying heart disease can show up as symptoms in a seemingly unrelated part of your body first. That’s why I’d like to tell you why symptoms of hearing problems may […]

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Your Priceless Hearing: Simple Ways To Protect and Regain It

Hearing loss can occur at any time in life, but may be especially true as you get older. Over 28 million Americans have some form of hearing loss, according to American Family Physician magazine.  Hearing loss can affect your relationships, activities you enjoy, and even the future health of your brain.  It can also be […]

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Hearing Loss, Cell Phones, TCM: The Effect On Your Health

Recently, I came across 3 unrelated issues that can really impact your health. One of them involves something you likely use everyday – all day – your cell phone.  Another involves learning more about the secrets of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for new treatments for cancer and many other conditions.  Lastly, if you’re over 50, […]

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Hearing Loss And Mental Decline

Many of my patients over age 55 tell me that they don’t seem to be hearing as well as they used to.  It’s not a dramatic loss of hearing but more like a fuzziness of sounds or missed words in conversation.  They find themselves turning up the volume or asking people to repeat themselves more […]

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Hearing Part II: The Latest Research In Hearing Loss Treatment

In Part I of this two-part series, we talked about tinnitus and its various causes from noise, to trauma, to a B12 deficiency, and ways that tinnitus could be treated.  Here in Part II, I’d like to tell you about some of the latest research findings on both the cause of hearing loss and new […]

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Hearing Part 1: Tinnitus- The Noise In Your Ears Is Not All In Your Head!

Now and then a patient will come in with complaints of a nerve-wracking, constant ringing or other sounds in their ears.  One patient even thought he had gotten an insect in his ear that was buzzing and causing him a lot of anxiety.  No, nothing like that!  That buzzing sound he was hearing is called […]

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Vitamin Deficiency Affects Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss and Low Folate Levels

Declining hearing loss is often a frequent complaint in my older patients. They’re not alone either as it affects more than 28 million American men and women between ages 60-74. My patients wonder if there is anything they can do about their hearing loss or is it just something they have to chalk up to plain ole’ aging.

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Summertime And Your Ears

With summer just around the corner, I know I’m going to start seeing a lot more patients with ear complaints and injuries. Why? Many ear conditions and injuries arise from things associated with warm weather and busier outdoor activity, like water sports, motorcycles, and amusement park rides, Fourth of July celebrations, flying insects! They all […]

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Hearing Loss Doesn’t Have To Happen To You

One of the complaints I get from of my patients is they can’t hear what I’m saying. So I speak up, and they still can’t hear me clearly. Then I know they are one of the twenty-eight million Americans suffering from sudden or gradual hearing loss. This affliction affects adversely their quality of life both […]

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How To Prevent Hearing Loss

Enjoying a good conversation with a friend, listening to your favorite music, hearing a grandchild read for the first time – all these things are simple pleasures in life, but they also have something else in common. They can disappear with the onset of hearing loss. About one-third of adults ages 65 to 74 report […]

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Getting To The Root Of Tinnitus

According to the old saying, “if your ears are burning, then someone, somewhere, must be talking about you”. I don’t know if this funny notion has ever been proven, but if you regularly experience ringing or noise in your ears, it’s no laughing matter. The sensation you’re feeling is most likely tinnitus, a common condition […]

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