Hair Loss – New Ways To Restore It For Men and Women

You may not realize it, but dermatologists don’t just treat skin conditions. We also treat hair and nail conditions as they are an outgrowth of the skin. Recently, dermatologists discovered a successful, breakthrough treatment for a specific type of hair loss that many people share. I’d like to tell you about it as well as […]

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A Cure for Hair Loss May Be Just Around the Corner

If you’re losing your hair, or have bald spots, take heart as new research findings reveal that restoring your full head of hair may be right around the corner.  This information came across my desk recently and I wanted to share it with my readers – especially those of you who are losing heart as […]

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Gray Hair Not A Sign Of Old Age – Rather A Sign Of Deficiencies!

Gray Hair Not A Sign Of Old Age – Rather A Sign Of Deficiencies!

My patients often complain to me about getting more and more gray hairs all the time.  It makes them feel older and deflates their spirit every time they look in the mirror.  They want to know if there’s anything they can do about it besides coloring it. I reassure them that although graying hair is […]

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Hair thinning, hair loss may be sign of underlying causes

Hair Thinning/Loss May Be Sign Of Underlying Causes

Many of my over-50 age patients complain that their hair seems to be thinning.  I assure them that it is normal to experience some hair thinning as we get older.  However, there are some things I like to check first to be sure that we aren’t missing an underlying condition that needs to be addressed […]

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Keep Hair Healthy With These Foods

I have a patient, I’ll call him Steve, who at the great boomer age of 66 has one of the greatest heads of hair I’ve ever seen. One day I asked Steve his secret and he said he really didn’t do anything special but tried to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. When I asked […]

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Laser Hair Removal – What You Need To Know

In laser hair removal, a laser light is used to damage the follicles much like in electrolysis. The hair either stops growing permanently or it grows slowly and is much lighter in color and texture. However, laser hair removal doesn’t completely guarantee that hair will not grow back and often requires several treatments before you can achieve a prolonged hair-free result.

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Humiliated By Dandruff? Stop It In Six Simple Steps

All it takes is one time, and you’ll swear off black shirts forever. Do you know what I’m talking about? When a friend, colleague, or loved one brushes dandruff flakes off your shoulder, it’s enough to make you wish a hole would open up in the floor and swallow you. It’s certainly enough to make you stick to lighter colored shirts.

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Is Laser Hair Removal the Answer to Unwanted Hair?

There are many reasons that my patients consider laser hair removal. Whether it’s a woman who doesn’t want to shave her legs anymore to a man who is tired of the painful tweezing of that unattractive hair between his eyebrows. Regardless these grooming chores raise many questions with my patients.

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Bald senior man fooling around. Isolated on white. Emotional portraits series.

Male Baldness- What You Can Do

By far, one of the most distressing things my male patients are concerned with is hair loss and the fear of going bald. From young men to older men, seeing thinning/bald spots, or an increasingly receding hairline, is very upsetting to them. They frequently ask me why they are losing their hair and what can […]

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Good Hair Starts With Good Nutrition!

Many of my patients, particularly those over 40, ask me if there is anything they can do about the look of their hair – it’s lost its healthy, youthful shine, and just doesn’t seem to be as thick as it used to be. There’s a whole lot you can do for your hair just by […]

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Why You Have Persistent Dandruff…And How To Make It Go Away!

Let’s talk about dandruff, a subject most of my patients are embarrassed to bring up. No one likes to mention it but dandruff happens to lots of people at sometime in their lives. You know what I mean, an itchy, flaky scalp that sheds constantly, causing white flakes in your hair and on your shoulders. […]

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Hair Loss In Men And Women

“I’m worried my hair is falling out! My hairdresser told me that my hair is much thinner than it used to be and I’ve noticed a change in thickness myself. I thought only men lost their hair when they got older.” As a dermatologist I frequently hear this complaint from women. Although men are more […]

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