Bladder Support

There’s nothing more embarrassing or inconvenient than suffering with bladder incontinence or a weak bladder. With age, bladder diseases can often make life uncomfortable. Bladder sphincter and pelvic muscles do weaken over time and can lead to bladder infections, bladder pain, frequent urination, bladder cancer and a prolapsed bladder.

Healthy Answers provides all the questions and answers when it comes to an overactive bladder. The information you’ll find here can give back your freedom, your confidence, and your life.

Nobody wants to be subject to wearing adult diapers and no one wants to be caught in an embarrassing social moment. Now with the information provided here you can help start taking control of your bladder health!

The Link Between Kidney Stones and Bone Fractures

If you’re like many of my patients, you may have experienced a kidney stone.  If so, you know the pain nightmare that they can bring trying to pass them.  But, as if that weren’t enough, those kidney stones could be warning you of another possible problem in the future – especially if you’re a woman […]

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Hip Lift Helps Stop The Leak

You Don’t Need Surgery for “The Leak” – Read This

Some of my female patients – both younger and older – are often embarrassed by what I refer to as “The Laugh and Leak” Syndrome.  More accurately, it’s often the laugh, sneeze, cough, exercise – and sometimes sex and many other things – leak syndrome.  No matter what the activity may be that triggers it, […]

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Your Overactive Bladder Could Be Caused By Certain Foods

If you’re like several of my patients you may have an overactive bladder which keeps you running to the bathroom with an urge to urinate frequently.  Some people have smaller bladder capacities than others and therefore naturally have to urinate more.  Other people may be eating certain foods that can irritate their bladder causing the […]

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Put an End to Rashes From Incontinence

There are some topics that are never easy for a patient to bring up. But in many cases, those things that are too embarrassing to talk about are the ones that are having the most effect on your daily quality of life. It’s important to trust your doctor and address your health issues. Even the ones that are uncomfortable to talk about… like incontinence.

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Your Bladder: Keep It Naturally Healthy

Every now and then a patient will come in with symptoms of a urinary tract infection. They tell me that maybe they’ve been drinking a little too much alcohol, not drinking enough water, and perhaps eating foods that are known bladder irritants. All these things can throw off the delicate pH balance of the bladder […]

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What Your Urine Color Means!

Every now and then a patient will tell me that their urine looks “funny” sometimes. When I ask them what they mean by that, they invariably tell me that it seems to change colors. They’re concerned if these color changes are anything to worry about. Here’s what I tell them: What Color Is Your Urine? […]

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Urinary Incontinence- Get To The Source

You may have noticed that you leak urine when you laugh, sneeze, cough, or exercise. It’s embarrassing and a common complaint I hear from many of my patients who are over 40, men and women alike. In fact, this condition affects about 200 million people worldwide! It’s called urinary incontinence, or UI, the involuntary loss […]

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Overactive Bladder A Private Matter

Do you have a “going” problem? By that I mean do you have to urinate more often than you ever did before? One of my patients recently described his anxiety about searching for a bathroom because he feared he wouldn’t make it in time. He said he could barely get through two holes of golf […]

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