Will You Take A Ride Into Outer Space? Boomer Richard Branson Says Yes!

If you were a kid when Sir Richard Branson was, circa mid-1950’s, did you wonder what the year 2000 would look like? Would we be traveling in space cars, or living in clusters of communities in outer space like the Jetsons? Would our houses be completely automated with robots where dishes, floors, and laundry washed […]

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Normalize Cholesterol Numbers with Natural Foods

Cholesterol: Eat Healthy, Natural Foods to Balance The Numbers

If you’re over 50, your doctor may have told you that you need to watch your cholesterol levels or reduce them.  While there is a good place for prescription statin drugs that lower cholesterol, there are also several, natural foods that can keep cholesterol levels normal.  They can even assist your medication therapy to help […]

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