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As you start to find yourself with more leisure time, you might want to consider doing some more travel or doing some more fun activities. Here at Healthy Answers we have many articles dealing with all types of entertainment and travel adventures.

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Karaoke, The New Trend Among Boomers

Don’t Knock It, Until You’ve Tried It

You might have thought that karaoke night at local bars and nightclubs were just for the under 30 set.  Well, guess again.  Boomers are embracing the fun Japanese musical “sport” all over the country.  In fact, people over age 50 are forming Meet up groups that get together and go around to different local karaoke-setup […]

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Travel as a road Scholar

Want To Be A Road Scholar?

Boomers love to travel, explore and learn.  So, it’s only natural that you might love combining those interests on tours of exotic, or even national, places.  Would you like to meet new people with common interests, learn something new and have fun while you’re at it?  Taking a RoadScholar tour can help you do all […]

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5 fun, inexpensive daycations

5 Fun, Inexpensive “Daycations”

If you’re still working and don’t have a lot of time for a longer vacation right now, even a “daycation” (or two) is all you really need to recharge your happiness battery and have some fun.  In fact, autumn can be the perfect time for over-50 age people to do some local traveling and exploring.  […]

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Easy Ways to Explore Your Family Tree

Easy Ways To Explore Your Family Tree

You’ve probably seen that commercial on television featuring middle-age people exploring their “roots” online.  Learning about your ancestors can be an interesting, fun, challenging, rewarding, and maybe even eye-opening experience. You may even want to combine it with travel to visit the place your parents, grandparents, were born, or meet cousins, other relatives you’ve never […]

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SmartApps Can Make Over-50 Life Easier and More Fun

Top 5 SmartApps To Make Over-50 Life Easier…And More Fun!

Growing up in the 50’s-60’s, who’d have ever thought that one day you could connect with someone on the other side of the world, pay your bills, store your medical information, watch a movie or television show, or just play a game by using a device you hold in the palm of your hand?  But […]

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Want To See The World AND Save Money? Swap Your Pad!

Are you over 50 and want to travel but don’t want to spend a fortune on hotels?  You may want to look into “house swapping”, a growing trend amongst senior-age people.  No, it doesn’t involve amorous house parties, it’s all about people who are looking for a way to save money, yet have a great, […]

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Top 10 Low Cost Walking Tours in U.S.

Top 10 Walking Tours in the U.S.

Looking for a great long weekend vacation somewhere but would like to save money too? Try a guided/self-guided walking tour close to where you live.  The following are some of the most popular walking tours across the United States. 1.  California: Oakland Hills. The East Bay area (San Francisco, Berkeley) is filled with 59 large […]

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Top Cruise Lines for Boomers

Top 4 Cruise Lines for Just for You!

If you’ve been thinking about taking a cruise lately, you might be wondering which the best cruises are out there for people in your adventurous age group.  Well, Boomer Travel Specialist Julia Labes, in her blog, has put together a handful of what she feels will allow Boomers to get the most value and fun […]

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Travel for Free, Meet the Locals, Do Important Work: Volunteer!

If you’ve run out of exciting vacation ideas and want to try something you’ve never done before, you might want to consider a vacation in the “new experience” category.  And, a working volunteer vacation may be just the opportunity to fill the bill. Many volunteer vacation opportunities offer free travel, free room and board (albeit […]

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Over 50? Going Back to School improves Health

School After 50 – Energize Your Brain, Get Healthier As You Learn

If you’re over 50 and have been thinking of returning to school keep thinking – it’s great exercise for your brain.  In fact, research shows that every time you learn something new your brain increases its neuroplasticity – the ability of the brain to grow and respond – as well as its dopamine – “feel […]

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Stay Healthy - Volunteer!

Over 50 and Want To Stay Healthy? Volunteer!

Recent research out of the Corporation for National and Community Service revealed that 18.7 million adults aged 50 and over contribute, on average, more than 3 billion service hours to their communities.  They make a significant impact in many areas of volunteering such as: Helping a disabled person live independently Tutoring or mentoring youth Providing […]

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Top 5 Healthies Cities in America and World

The Top 5 Healthiest Cities In America And The World

Staying healthy is as much a personal effort as it is a community effort. If you’re a person trying to improve your health, it’s easier and more fun if the place where you live encourages you to be fit. Many people don’t like to walk, or bike, along the shoulder of the road, so if […]

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