Melt Belly Fat In 5 Minutes

belly fat Melt Belly Fat In 5 MinutesAre you tired of trudging along on the treadmill, elliptical, or stair stepper, at the gym, or at-home, and still not making a dent in that stubborn belly fat? You’re eating right, you’re exercising 3-4 times a week, and yet that ugly fat just sits there like a roll of lard strapped around your waist.  It’s downright discouraging, I know.  If you would like to know the truth about fat burning foods – Click Here.

Stubborn belly fat is fairly common in people over 50 resulting from hormone changes, a slower metabolism coupled with inadequate exercise and higher food intake.  This kind of belly fat distribution has even been assigned a few unkind names like Boomer Belly and Geezer Gut!  Take heart, though. If you really want to reclaim your sexy, shapely waist and abs again, I’d like to tell you about a way to get rid of this unsightly fat.  This short exercise routine can burn off an oversized Boomer belly like a blowtorch. It can also do wonders for your hips and thighs.

Burn Boomer Belly Fat in 5 Minutes

Even though you’re already making an effort several times a week to exercise, as far as your stubborn belly fat is concerned, you may as well be treading water.  Don’t worry, though, I’m not going to tell you to put in even more gym time, or cut your food intake even more.  But if I asked you to work a little harder, would you put in the effort to get rid of that belly?

The real answer to burning more fat lies in exercising more intensely and efficiently.  You can do that by using your treadmill, elliptical, or stair climber, in a way you’ve likely not used before – steep incline or much harder resistance for a shorter time.   Here’s how.

Treadmill Users

For those of you who like to use a treadmill, try this workout and note the difference in your heart rate and energy expenditure.  Try setting your pace at 2, and your incline level at 15%. Yes, I know that sounds steep, but it’s no different than climbing up a steep hill.  Unless you have a knee, hip, or other condition that precludes climbing steep hills, you can do this.  But, if you’ve been holding onto the front or side bars, you’ll have to let go to burn belly fat.

Holding on to the bars reduces your effort significantly.  You should really only feel the need to hold on if you’re moving faster, not increasing the incline.  You can, however, lean forward for better balance like you naturally would in climbing a steep hill.  Let your arms swing as they normally would.  Start by warming up and walking flat at 2 mph. Do this for 5 minutes.  Then gradually raise the incline level every 10-20 seconds until you work up to a 15% incline.

As you get used to increasing the incline, you’ll know how fast you can raise the incline.  Once at 15%, with your arms moving back and forth, climb like this for 5 minutes, then lower the incline and rest-walk for a few minutes, then pause if you need to.  Then, set up the incline again to 15% and do another 5 minute climb.  You should see your heart rate going up higher/faster, sweating more and burning more fat.

Elliptical Users       

You can get the same fat-burning response with an elliptical by setting up the resistance gradually to 10-12.  You can also use the built in interval program on the machine which will set higher resistance for you every 30 seconds to 1 minute.  First, warm up for 5-10 minutes at a comfortable 5-6 level.  Then increase the resistance 1 level, glide for 1 minute, until you reach level 10, then glide for 1-2 minutes.

You can pause momentarily, without changing resistance, and then try to increase your resistance to 12, do for 1-2 minutes.  You then rest, lowering resistance back to a comfortable 6 or 7 for a few minutes.  If you’re just starting to use the elliptical, it may take you a few workouts to get to a level 10-12 resistance.  Just keep upping your resistance, 1 minute at a time. Try to work up to 2 sets of 5 minutes each.

Stair Stepper 

You can also get a higher fat burning rate by increasing resistance on a stair stepper.  After warming up at a lower, more comfortable level, increase your resistance more and more until you’re at a 10-12.  You’ll find yourself really working to climb the stair, your heart rate will be higher and you’ll be sweating more.  Do for 5 minutes.  Then decrease resistance down to a more comfortable, less intense level for a few minutes.  Then increase level again to do another set of 5 minutes.  You can also rest and go do some stretching, etc, then come back and do another 5 minute set.

A little caution, too, though.  These are harder, intense workouts for a shorter period of time.  If you’re not used to using these machines, gradually build up to the steeper incline, harder resistance levels.  Exercising at the higher resistance level is not meant to be done for extended periods at one time.  You’ll be working very hard for 5 minutes, then resting, then doing another 5.  Don’t go over 10 minutes in one set.  Then rest.

Go do some comfortable stretching, take a walk around, drink some water, and then come back and do another 5 minute set if you can.  If at any time you feel too uncomfortable, too hot in the face, or very short of breath or dizzy, stop immediately.  Also remember to drink enough water, or low sugar/carb sports drink before, during and after your workout.

Stay Well,
Ron Blankstein, M.D.

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