Getting old is no fun! That’s why everyone tries to stay healthy by dieting with the right foods, exercising, and taking the right vitamins. Having a healthy lifestyle can help lower your cholesterol, improve your blood pressure, balance your blood sugar, improve your digestive disorder, boost your energy levels and even help your sex drive.

Healthy Answers has all the information you need to help you make good health choices. The health articles you’ll find here will keep you out of the doctor’s office and improve your chance of living to 100 years old. Now is the time to put the brakes on the aging process and start feeling and looking 10…20…even 30 years younger!

Reclaim the Energy of Youth

I call DHEA the “anti-stress hormone.” It’s the most abundant product of the adrenal glands. DHEA is the precursor used by your body to produce sex hormones like testosterone, estrogen and progesterone. You have a lot when you’re young but production dwindles with age.

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Anti- Aging: What You Need To Know Part II – Supplements And Exercise

Thank you for joining me for the continuation of anti-aging strategies. In Part I, we talked about how nutrition and sleep can have a profound effect on aging. Today in Part II I’m going to go over specific supplements, namely vitamins and herbs that have been found to be beneficial in anti-aging regimens. In addition, […]

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How to stop or reverse aging

Anti-Aging: What You Need To Know Part I- Nutrition And Sleep

Up until about 20 years ago, weathering aching joints, wrinkles, low testosterone, menopause, insomnia, fatigue, and a whole host of other symptoms was thought to be an inevitable part of aging. Today, thankfully, we know that isn’t true. As I tell my patients, you don’t have to suffer the symptoms of aging as you can do a lot to both stop and, often times, reverse them!

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Your Health Is Not Worth The Gamble Anti-Aging Part II

If you’ve ever played the lottery you know how it feels to lose. Better still maybe you’ve been one of the lucky people who have actually won. No matter what the outcome, you took the chance and bought the ticket. What if I told you that your odds for living a long, healthy life are […]

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How To Fight Aging And Stay Young

If you want to look and feel young, it is essential to have an anti-aging strategy. I’m not talking about harsh facelifts or exotic drug cocktails. Exciting research has revealed natural and effective ways to stay physically active, mentally sharp and younger looking well into your golden years. Here, I will review my top strategies […]

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The Anti-Stress Hormone

I called DHEA the “anti-stress hormone”. DHEA stands for dehydroepiandrosterone. Don’t let that tongue-twisted name bother you, everyone refers to it as DHEA. It is the most abundant product of the adrenal glands. DHEA is the precursor used by your body in producing sex hormones like testosterone, estrogen and progesterone. It is produced in large […]

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