January 2014

Your Love of Sweets Could Be Souring Your Heart

I’m always counseling my patients on a heart-healthy diet. They’re often surprised to learn that the worst offender is not what they’ve always thought – fat.  No, in fact, more and more research has shown that the amount of refined, unnatural sugar in your diet is the real culprit of damaging heart health.  So, I’d […]

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Burn Fat, Tone Muscles, Experience India with Bolly Fit

We all know that working out at the gym, lifting weights, doing cardio, can be dull and boring several days a week.  We do them because we know they’re good for us and will make us healthier, live longer, and look younger.  But, what if you could achieve all those benefits while having fun exercising? […]

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4 New Breakthroughs and Strategies to Fight Conditions of Aging

At least once a month, we like to tell you about new research on issues of health and anti-aging that can have a significant impact on your quality of life.  Here are some new directions in fighting certain conditions of aging that you may be interested in: 1.  Anti-Aging Future:  Look Younger Longer…Soon.  A new […]

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Is A Del Webb Community In Your Future?

Moving into an “over 55 community” used to mean maybe having a 1 bedroom apartment in a cluster of buildings that resembled more a military barracks, or college kid dorms…esthetically devoid of color, life and energy.  Well, no more.  Real estate developers have gotten the message that Boomers are not going silently into the night […]

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Thinning Hair May Be Due to Poor nutrition

Hair Thinning? Your Nutrition Could Be To Blame

Even though I’m a dermatologist, I also see a lot of patients with complaints of thinning hair – especially in my older patients.  Hair loss and thinning can occur as you get older, but it’s not really your age causing it – it’s more often the common nutritional deficiencies that can occur as you get […]

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Walk 5 miles per day, while at work!

Work 8 Hours at a Desk? This Device Could Save Your Life

Lately, I’ve been telling you about research that shows if you sit too much during the day, even if you work out for an hour each day, you still are putting your health at risk.  As I’ve mentioned before, the human body is designed for frequent movement. Sitting many hours working at a desk job, […]

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Pay Down Debt Faster with Stack method

Pay Down Debt Faster with the Stack Method

At the start of every New Year, everyone wants to know how to save more money.  One of the best ways to do it is to stop spending so much of it on credit card debt.  The faster you pay down higher interest credit cards and loans, the better your credit rating will be and […]

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Obamacare: Are You Signed Up? Second Deadline Approaching

If you haven’t yet signed up for a plan under the Affordable Health Care Act plans, there’s still time to do so. If you sign up by January 30, 2014, you’ll be able to obtain coverage that will start on March 1, 2014. However, open enrollment goes through March 31, 2014 for coverage that will […]

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Good Fats vs. Bad Fats

Fat in Your Diet – Do You Know The Real Skinny?

When I talk to my patients about ways to protect their heart, and general health by eating more good fats and avoiding the bad fats – they’re often confused.  One patient said, “Aren’t they all bad?”  You can’t blame his response though, for the last few decades, “fat” in the diet has been blamed for […]

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Angioplasty: 50 Years Old This Month

Angioplasty: The Lifesaving Procedure is 50 Years Old This Month

On January 16, 1964, a doctor named Charles Dotter performed the first angioplasty procedure.  But, at that time, it wasn’t done on the heart as it typically is today.  Instead, it was done on the leg of an 82-year-old woman suffering with pain and a severe, non-healing ulcer from blocked blood flow to her lower […]

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Financially Strapped Boomers, Give yourself a helping hand

Financially Strapped Boomers: Give Yourself A Helping Hand

Boomers have been ridiculed in the press recently for being the cause of the national debt problem.  Certain Gen X journalists are even disgruntled that Boomers are going to live longer than previous generation counterparts and their Gen X, or even Millennial, kids will have to assume their care and debt longer than bearable. Though […]

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Broga: Yoga For Men

Broga – What Every Man Needs: Strength, Flexibility, Relaxation

As an orthopedist, I treat a lot of older men for conditions of their bones and joints.  Many of them are doing what they can to keep bone density strong by working out several times a week doing the traditional “guy stuff” type of exercise – lifting heavy free weights, doing TRX, or Insanity, etc.  […]

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