November 2013

Processed Meats Increase Your Risk of Colon Cancer

Processed Meat Increases Your Risk of Colon Cancer

I’m always telling my patients to pay closer attention to what they eat to decrease their risk of heart and other diseases.  Lately, I’ve been telling them to watch how much of this particular type of food they eat to decrease their risk of both heart and colon disease.  Let me tell you why eating […]

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You can Get, Stay Fit in Just 10 Minutes

You Can Get, Stay Fit in Just 10 Minutes

If you’re like most people over 50, you’ll find any excuse possible not to take 1 hour out of your day 3-4 days a week to go to the gym and work out.  The most popular reason is, I just don’t have time and the second most popular is, I’m tired, I don’t feel like […]

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6 ways to change your life for the better

6 Ways You Can Change Your Life For The Better

If you’re over 50, you may be looking at your life and seeing things that are causing you emotional pain, anxiety or dysfunction.  As a Certified Empowerment Coach, I help people work on remedying some of these issues to both change and heal them.   However, sometimes you may have to cope with these issues long-term.  […]

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Make Money, Have Fun, Meet People - Start Your Own Tourguide Business

A Unique Way to Have Fun, Meet People, And Make Money!

So you’ve been kicking around ideas of what you’d like to do for your Second Act Career.  You’re not ready to retire but you’re done with your old job life and want to do something you can invest yourself in and will enjoy doing. Your strong points are a friendly personality, you enjoy people, know […]

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Medicare Open Enrollment Ends December 7 2013

Medicare Open Enrollment Ends December 7 – What You Should Know

The December 7, 2013 deadline for open enrollment for Medicare will be here in less than two weeks.  There may be changes to your particular plan’s Part D and Part B, so reviewing these changes and deciding if you want to switch to another plan is what Open Enrollment is all about. Some people also […]

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Tips to Help Avoid Turkey Day Weight Gain

How to Enjoy a Healthy Thanksgiving Dinner

Next Thursday will be THE DAY again – a day that many people both love and dread at the same time.  You love Thanksgiving because it’s a chance to celebrate all that you’re thankful for in your life with your family.  Yet, you can also dread it because you know you may not end Thanksgiving […]

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Share The Love – Do A Good Deed

Although you don’t need the holiday season to open your heart and do a good deed for someone, it’s often the time of the year it’s most appreciated.  These days with a recovering economy and still so many people out of work, or underemployed, a random act of kindness can go a long way to […]

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7 Tips to Save on Auto Insurance

7 Tips To Get the Best Boomer Rate on Auto Insurance

If you’re like most Boomers, you’re still leading an active life working or on the go with other interests.  As such, you need your car to stay independent and car expenses (maintenance and insurance) are two necessary costs you’ll have.  But, you’d also like to try and save a little money too. Specialists recommend that […]

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JFK Was Magnificent, But Remember Too Our Lost Queen…

On November 22, 2013, 50 long years will have passed since the assassination of President John F.  Kennedy.  Historians have likened JFK’s “reign” to the only thing close to a royal monarchy that America had ever experienced.  We had, for a few short years, a handsome young King and a beautiful, graceful young Queen. Just […]

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Paleo Diet

Paleo Diet: What it Is and How it Can Benefit You

Did you know that you’re, basically, still a “cave” man or woman? And that if you ate the kind of diet your ancient ancestors did you’d be healthier, look younger, have more muscle mass, more energy and live longer? You may be knitting your eyebrows wondering if all that’s too good to be true, but […]

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Ditch The Jelly-Belly with a 5 Minute Incline Workout

Melt Belly Fat In 5 Minutes

Are you tired of trudging along on the treadmill, elliptical, or stair stepper, at the gym, or at-home, and still not making a dent in that stubborn belly fat? You’re eating right, you’re exercising 3-4 times a week, and yet that ugly fat just sits there like a roll of lard strapped around your waist.  […]

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How To Find Peace With The people In Your Life

How to Find Peace With People in Your Life

All of us has, or has had at one time in our lives, a situation between family members, coworkers or friends, where people within that group are fighting with each other and you’re in the middle.  It can be a very uncomfortable position to be in.  Each one wants you to take their side and […]

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