October 2013

Polyphenols Extend your Life

Researchers Agree – These Foods Boost Longevity By 30%!

I’ve always told my patients they need to get more antioxidants – substances that fight aging – through fruits, vegetables and other foods.  But, there’s more to the anti-aging picture than just antioxidants.  You also need anti-inflammatories and anti-carcinogenics as well.  Now, researchers have proven that certain compounds in common foods contain all of these […]

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Natural Products Help Reclaim Your Love Life After Menopause

Natural Products Help Reclaim Your Love Life After Menopause

My over-50 female patients often mention menopausal symptoms that have put a wet blanket on their previously fulfilling love lives.  Even though there are prescription hormone-based remedies out there that do relieve these specific symptoms, they can come with some side effects and risks.  They can also be very expensive even if you have insurance […]

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The Success of Your Goals Depend on a Personal Development Plan

The Success of Your Goals Depend On A PDP – Do You Have One?

Clients often ask me to outline a plan for them to reach their goals. In order to be successful, a PDP – personal development plan – should be created.  A PDP will contain specific information that helps shape your actions in attaining your goals. Here’s how to start… What Should Your Plan For Success Look […]

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Current Health issues for those over 50

Over 50? Here’s a Snapshot of the Top 5 Current Health Issues

If you’re over 50, you may be so busy that you don’t have time to read full health-related articles that concern people in your age group.   Here are some recent, “snapshots” of current “Boomer” health issues that you may find useful: 1.  Two Cups A Day Keeps The Cobwebs Away.  A recent Harvard study revealed […]

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5 fun, inexpensive daycations

5 Fun, Inexpensive “Daycations”

If you’re still working and don’t have a lot of time for a longer vacation right now, even a “daycation” (or two) is all you really need to recharge your happiness battery and have some fun.  In fact, autumn can be the perfect time for over-50 age people to do some local traveling and exploring.  […]

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Avocado is one of 8 common foods to keep arteries clean

Here Are 8 Foods That Can Help You Avoid The Risk Of A Stroke or Heart Attack!

As a cardiologist, I have some patients who have to take statins – cholesterol lowering drugs – at least for a while.  Their former diets of too much animal fat contributed to high “bad” LDL and too low “good” HDL.  In addition, adding too much refined sugar to this mix created inflammation throughout their bodies […]

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Your Brain Depends On Sleep

New Study Shows Sleep Cleans and Protects Your Brain

Ever notice that the morning after you didn’t get a good night’s sleep that you not only feel tired but you can’t think clearly? You go around in a fog most of the day and often can barely speak clearly. Well, now, researchers know the reason why.  It’s also the reason why you may not […]

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Make Room For Fun In Your Busy Life - Join a Meetup Group!

Make Room For Fun In Your Busy Life – Join A Meetup Group!

If you’re over 50, you’ve likely got a zillion things to do every day, every week, from working at your job, maybe running the business you own, maybe taking care of elderly parents, or kids, trying to keep your house and yard together (those fall leaves are creating even more work!), and trying to keep […]

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Think Happy, Speak Happy, Act Happy, Be Happy

Do Your Beliefs Lead You Towards Peace or Fear?

You may have heard the old saying, ‘You are what you eat’ – a phrase that many nutrition-oriented speakers often use to make a point about eating healthier foods.  The real symbolic meaning of the phrase is, you/your life will be whatever you put into your body, i.e., whatever you “feed” yourself.  Simply put, you […]

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Did You Grow Up With The Beave?

Did You Grow Up with “The Beave”?

If you’re over-50 – maybe closer to 60 – you likely spent some time every afternoon with one of America’s favorite kids, Theodore Cleaver, affectionately known as The Beaver, or just Beave.  You only needed to see little Theodore smile his wide buck-tooth grin to know how he got his nickname. If you were a […]

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Amazing Health Benefits of Kale and Quinoa

Quinoa and Kale – 2 Simple Foods with Superstar Health Benefits

I like to frequently use an ancient Socrates quote to my patients when I try to drive home the importance of eating the right foods to both preserve and heal their health.  The saying, roughly, goes, “Let your food be your medicine” and with these 2 nutritional powerhouses, that I’m going to tell you about […]

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Endurance Exercise Increases Brain Capacity

New Hope For Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Patients

You already know that exercise will help you maintain a healthy weight and a healthy heart.  But did you also know that it can also protect your brain as you get older? It’s true.  New research just in has discovered a pretty amazing fact about the effect of endurance exercise on your brain. It also […]

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