September 2013

Pecorino Sardo - A Staple of the Sardinian Diet

The Sardinian Diet: These Foods May Increase Your Lifespan

In an earlier newsletter I told you about the Okinawan Diet as being both heart healthy and longevity increasing.  Okinawa, Japan is a region that belongs to what researchers are calling “Blue Zones” – areas and cities around the world where the inhabitants have unusually long life- spans.  There are several Blue Zones around the […]

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Boomers urged to be tested for Hep C

Hepatitis C Tests Urged for Over-50 Americans

Recently, the New York Times reported on the United States Preventive Services Task Force’ recommendation that people over age 50 get a hepatitis C screen. Under the new Affordable Care Act soon to take effect in 2014, insurance companies will have to pay for hepatitis C screening without charge to patients.  This recommendation of the […]

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Singing In The Shower Does A Lot To Relieve Your Stress and Worries!

When you feel down and out, sing a song it’ll make your day… you will turn to shout about, sing a song, it’ll make a way…sometimes it’s hard to care, sing a song, it’ll make your day,  it’s not so hard to bear, sing a song it’ll make a way… Those are the words of […]

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Movie Theaters Court Over-50 Customer

Movie Theaters Court A New Crowd

If you’re over-50 and enjoy going out to see a movie in a theater, you’ll be happy to know that many theaters around the country are now catering to this age group of movie-goer instead of a younger population.  Why? Movie theaters are hoping to entice this wealthier age group of people back into the […]

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Get Fit with Dances from The 60's

The Swim, The Monkey, The Twist…Can Help You Get Fit Fast!

In your quest to get, or stay fit, you try to exercise several times a week.  That’s great, but you might find yourself getting a little bored with your aerobic routine. There’s a way to add some excitement to your routine by trying a new, yet old, way people over-50 are getting fit. New Fitness […]

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Sit/Stand Score can Determine How Long You Live

Fix Your Sit/Stand Score – It Could Determine How Long You’ll Live!

You probably won’t be surprised to know that the more physically fit you are, the longer you’ll likely live.  I’d like to tell you about a simple test score that can predict your life expectancy based on your fitness levels.  Also, in relation to improving/maintaining fitness levels, I’d like to tell you some surprising news […]

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Let the Sun Shine in and Be at peace

Boomers: Let The Sun Shine In and Be At Peace With Yourself!

The Boomers were the generation that brought the world the Peace Movement. As such, you wouldn’t think they needed any help finding peace as they aged.  Yet, many Boomers are anxious about getting older, retiring, and what else may be down the Boomer trail for them.  Well, here’s a few ways Boomers can get rid […]

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The Doctor's Nut Prescription for Good Health

Is Your Doctor Writing This Nut Prescription For Your Health?

It used to be that your doctor would tell you to stay away from high-fat nuts if you wanted to reduce your weight, waistline and cholesterol.  There was so much we didn’t know then about the humble nut that researchers today have enlightened us about.  The good news is doctors are now telling their patients […]

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Top 6 Tips for Starting a Business After 50

Never Too Late For Entrepreneurs! – Top 6 Tips To Starting a Business Over 50

According to the Kauffman Foundation, an organization that studies entrepreneurship, the most new businesses are started by people in the age 55 to 64 age bracket –Boomers! Instead of retiring at 62 – these “olderpreneurs” are gearing up for their second act by creating business models that they define and leaving jobs that have defined […]

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Fruit Stripe Gum, A Popular Candy for Boomer Kids

Wax Lips, PEZ, Good & Plenty… 10 Most Popular Vintage Candies – What Was Your Favorite?

One of the best parts of growing up in the 50’s and 60’s were eating all the new, diverse and fun treats and candies that were available.  Remember, those were the days before parents knew what all that sugar did to their kids’ teeth or health in general.  Even though we do now, who doesn’t […]

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Best Home Workouts

Top 4 Home Workouts to Lose Weight and Get in Shape

A lot of people don’t like having to get in the car and drive to a fitness center several times a week. Many would like the convenience of just popping in a DVD and following along in the privacy and comfort of their own home.  Late night television is full of home exercise video infomercials […]

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Become a Surrogate Grandparent

The Benefits of Becoming A Surrogate Grandparent

Not everyone decided to have children when they were younger or perhaps they couldn’t due to health, or perhaps even financial or other personal reasons.  If you’re one of those people, you no longer have to envy your friends who have grandchildren.  There is a way you can still become a grandparent. Read on for […]

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