August 2013

Wonderful Summer

Before the Storm: Dancing and Love in the Summer of 1963

Nothing brings back the memories of where you were and what you were doing at a particular time in your life like hearing a song that came from that time.  In the summer of 1963, I was, like the rest of girls my age in those days, 10-1/2 going on 18.  From the time school […]

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The Death Of Your Manhood!

Discover The Scary Truth About Low Testosterone And How It’s Zapping Your Mojo And Sucking 20 Years Off Your Life! Learn Secrets That Are SO POWERFUL — They’ll Flood Your Body With Testosterone… Build Muscles Like Crazy… And Have Your Sex Drive Acting As If You Were 21 Again! Why does it seem like one […]

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Stop This Killer From Attacking You!

Find Out How You Can Dodge Some Of The Most Deadly Diseases Without Ever Resorting To Dangerous Drugs Or Surgery! REVEALED… Medical Cures That Have Long Been Hidden From You Because Drug Companies Choose Profits Over Lives! DISCOVER… How To Naturally Protect You and Your Family From Cancer and Other Crippling Diseases! I’ve got to […]

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Beatles on Ed Sullivan

When Four Boys From Liverpool Met Mr. Sullivan

It was a cold, winter Sunday night, February 9, 1964, 8 pm. My family and I were staked out around the living room television set waiting for the Man with the Really Big Shooo – the Master of the most extraordinary ceremonies seen live on television  – Mr. Ed Sullivan – to start his weekly […]

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How to Survive a Family Reunion

Can You Survive Your Family Reunion? Sure! Here’s How.

If you’re getting ready to attend a family reunion, planning (and surviving!) a successful one may range from fairly simple to daunting. There are several key points to consider such as: 1.  The size of your family.  Smaller-member family reunions are easier to handle cost, venue, and intimacy-wise.  With fewer family members, you can get […]

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Top Cruise Lines for Boomers

Top 4 Cruise Lines for Just for You!

If you’ve been thinking about taking a cruise lately, you might be wondering which the best cruises are out there for people in your adventurous age group.  Well, Boomer Travel Specialist Julia Labes, in her blog, has put together a handful of what she feels will allow Boomers to get the most value and fun […]

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The No.1 Market Audience for Auto Manufacturers

Unlike their parents’ generation whose huge, cruiser-type family car was the last car they drove, Boomers (retired or still working) are consistently replacing their cars with new, hot models and also replacing their kids’ (and even grandkids) cars as the focus of automobile marketing.  This is the conclusion of a new study out of University […]

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Grief and Your Health - How to Cope

Grief and Your Health – How to Cope and Stay Well

Experiencing loss is, unfortunately, a part of life.   At some time, you will undoubtedly lose someone, or something, that’s been an important part of your life.  Coping with loss – from whatever source – can be a very painful experience that negatively affects your mental and physical well-being.  In short, you can actually become ill […]

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Heal Your Emotions with Emotional Acupuncture

In my quest to learn about new Anti-Aging and alternative health-healing techniques, I sometimes run across unconventional, or unusual, practices to see what they might offer my clients.  That’s how I found this particular healing practice that I’d like to tell you about.  It’s called EFT – short for Emotional Freedom Techniques – which I […]

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Decrease Stress, Strengthen Your Heart with This One Simple Exercise

Exercise is an important component of anti-aging medicine.  It strengthens your muscles – your heart being one of the most important – burns fat and relieves stress. You also become more resistant to the effects of stress by exercising. Aerobic exercise is good at achieving these goals, but, there’s one particular exercise that combines both […]

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Drive-Thru Food Doesn’t Have to Ruin Your Health

When I was a teenager and young adult, drive-in restaurants used to be THE popular place to go.  I know they hold a lot of fond memories for my Boomer-aged patients as well as those who spent many summer nights at the local drive-in restaurant with their friends.  You’d pull your car in and order […]

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The Hula Hoop is an Official Boomer This Year

Back in March 1963, a strange little circular hoop toy was patented by the Wham-O company and its co-founder Arthur “Spud” Melin.  Kids had to quickly rotate their hips to keep the hoop circling their waist and were challenged to keep the hoop from falling to the ground.  By July of that year, over 25 […]

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