July 2013

Importance of Goal Setting - Especially as we Get older

The Importance of Goal Setting – Especially as You Get Older

Business Managers and Psychologists have known for a long time that establishing goals and getting people (employees, counselees) to achieve them is a powerful tool of motivation.  Everything you want to do in life can be better achieved by setting clear goals and methodically setting out to attain them. How do goals help? Back in […]

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TRX - The Exercise the Keeps you Strong and Flexible

TRX: The Exercise that Keeps You Strong and Flexible

Many of my over-50 patients  have jobs that keep them traveling or they’re semi-retired or retired and like to keep mobile.  Sometimes though all that travel can wreak havoc on your exercise routine.  Hotels don’t always have an on-site fitness center and as a result you may miss many workouts.  Guess what though? There’s a […]

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Still Youthful Rock Boomer Mick Jagger Turns 70 – Keeps Fit With Exercise

Called the World’s Greatest Rock and Roll Band, The Rolling Stones have been playing sold out concerts, selling albums, and staying on top for 5 decades – 50 years! And, incredibly, lead singer, Mick Jagger, with the band since its start in England back in the early 1960’s, turned 70 on July 26. Yet, Jagger […]

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Top 10 Fortune 500 Companies for Workers over 50

Rethinking Your Career Over 50: Try These Top 10 Fortune 500 Companies

So lately you’ve been thinking about switching careers or coming out of retirement to start a new one or maybe take on a part-time job.  But, at your over-50 age, you’re wondering if anyone will even consider hiring an older worker like yourself.  Well, Grandparents.com recently reported on research by Retirement Jobs who revealed that […]

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Cardio Intervals: Benefits to Over-50 Hearts

Cardio Intervals: The Benefits for Over-50 Hearts

Would you like to spend less time exercising, more time enjoying your life, yet still keep your heart strong and able to fend off heart attacks?  Sure you would.  As a cardiologist with many over-50 age patients, I advise them to engage in regular aerobic activity to keep their heart strong.  When I tell them […]

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Technology and Growing Older - Stay In Place

Technology and Growing Older – “Age in Place”

The newsletter “Aging in Place” recently reported on how constantly evolving technologies will assist people as they grow older allowing them to live better, longer, in their own homes.  “Aging in place” is a concept that focuses on developing support systems for people getting older that will allow them to stay and live in their […]

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Can Microwave Popcorn Lead to Alzheimer's?

A Bag of Popcorn, a Can of Beer, and Diacetyl: A Recipe for Alzheimer’s?

After a busy day at work, or you’ve exhausted yourself working out at the gym, or doing outdoor work around your house, you may like to make a bag of microwave popcorn, grab a cold beer and relax watching television.  There’s nothing wrong with that…except that your favorite snacks may be contributing to a potential […]

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Pay Off Mort

Paying off Mortgage Early? 5 Reasons to Reconsider

If you’re thinking of retiring soon and think it’s best to pay off your mortgage before you do, that can be a good idea but only if you’ve stabilized all your other financial obligations.  Here are some things to consider before throwing extra money at your mortgage: 1.  Your retirement savings are low:  Many Boomers […]

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Stress of Divorce Affects your Health

Handling Stress: Divorce and Your Heart

Research about to be published in the September issue of The Journal of Health and Social Behavior reveals that divorce can adversely affect your heart.  Their study focused on 9,000 Boomer-age group people between the ages of 51-61 who went through a divorce or were widowed.  It revealed that they had 20% more chronic health […]

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Deciding to be Happy is a Choice

Deciding to Be Happy – Is It Really That Easy?

Well, yes and no, say “happiness” experts like Francis Kong who leads seminars in how to “get happy”.  Deciding to stay positive through various life events can lead to you being happy more often than when you’re negatively focused.  But that doesn’t mean forcing a fake smile when you just lost your job or someone […]

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10 Things You Should Know About New Health Care Laws

10 Things You Should Know About New Health Care Laws

AARP recently reported if you’re in the 49 to 67 age group – the span of the Boomer generation – you may be confused about how the new 2014 health care laws will affect you.  While there is quite a bit of information to know about the health care laws, here are some basic facts […]

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Over 50? Going Back to School improves Health

School After 50 – Energize Your Brain, Get Healthier As You Learn

If you’re over 50 and have been thinking of returning to school keep thinking – it’s great exercise for your brain.  In fact, research shows that every time you learn something new your brain increases its neuroplasticity – the ability of the brain to grow and respond – as well as its dopamine – “feel […]

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