March 2013


Minimalist Running Shoes Can Cause Bone Injuries

As an orthopedist, I’m all for anything that will spur my patients to get out and exercise more. If a new type of running shoe will further that cause, all the better.   When I saw ads for the new minimalist, “5-finger” running shoes, I initially thought them to be a neat idea, like running barefoot […]

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Is Your Food Aging You?

Eating healthy is one of the ways in which to ward off the effects of aging for as long as possible.  Towards that goal, you’re buying more fruits, vegetables, and less red meat.  Yet, you may be unaware that certain foods you eat, or even the way you prepare them, can be unhealthy, cause you […]

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Using Certain Drug Effects To Create A Better You

A growing practice, now gaining popularity, is that of obtaining and using certain prescription drugs to create a constant happy mood, or enhance a skill set – like memory, attention or physical performance.  People who have not been diagnosed with deficits are making use of the effects of drugs in a “designer” fashion to enhance […]

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Tinea Versicolor: The Multicolor Fungal Skin Rash

Usually I see tinea infections when the weather starts getting hot and humid and people start sweating more.  But if you’re hitting the gym several times a week, or sweating a lot for some other reason, you could get one of the itchiest and uncomfortable rashes around – tinea.  Let me tell you more about […]

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Genetics Can Influence Your Outlook On Life

Do you wonder why some people seem happy with a positive outlook all the time even in the face of difficult situations? And why other people seem to get discouraged about everything with even the slightest downturn in events? Well, the answer just may lie in their gene, says recent information published in The Proceedings […]

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Too Much Retinol Could Mean Bone Loss

You likely know that Vitamin A is a crucial vitamin for your health – specifically your vision, immune system and cells.  Yet, you may not know that retinol – a type of Vitamin A – could spell trouble for your bones.  You could be getting more retinol than you need and putting your bones at […]

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The Signs And Symptoms Of Generalized Anxiety Disorder

It’s normal for you to feel a little anxiety if things are not going so great in your life at the moment.  You’re not sure how things are going to work out and there may be the potential for the situation to get worse before it gets better.   Yet, when worry and anxiety seem to […]

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Restless Leg Syndrome: When Your Legs Won’t Let You Sleep

Trying to get a good night’s sleep can be difficult as you get older.  The last thing you need is your legs feeling like they’re running a marathon while you’re trying to sleep. That description may sound a little humorous but there’s nothing funny about restless leg syndrome.  It can ruin your sleep and put […]

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The 5 Most Important Facts About Antidepressants

Many people become discouraged, or feel “down in the dumps” sometimes when life takes an unexpected, problematic turn.   This is normal “situational” depression and usually rights itself when the problem is solved.  Yet, sometimes, you may have depression that lingers longer due to certain life events like deaths of loved ones, divorce, and even the […]

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The Promise Of Youthful Skin With Plant Placenta

Placenta (both human and animal) has been consumed since ancient Egyptian days when soldiers would eat it before going into battle. They claimed it gave them energy and rejuvenated them.  Placenta has also been part of Chinese medicine for centuries, as well, used as a kidney and beauty tonic, and for overall good health. Now, […]

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The 10 Signs Of Sleep Apnea

Many of my over-40 patients complain of feeling tired all the time despite being in bed every night for 8-9 hours.  Sometimes they are simply burning the candle at all ends and just need to simplify their schedules.  Yet, some of them also complain of other symptoms associated with their fatigue and sleep patterns that […]

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Women’s Health: Screening For The Top 6 Concerns

I’d like to speak to just my female readers here.  If you’re like many of my over-40 female patients, you likely spend more time caring and doing for other people more than you do for yourself.  While this is a good trait – it shows you’re a kind and caring soul – it can also […]

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