June 2012


Hearing Part II: The Latest Research In Hearing Loss Treatment

In Part I of this two-part series, we talked about tinnitus and its various causes from noise, to trauma, to a B12 deficiency, and ways that tinnitus could be treated.  Here in Part II, I’d like to tell you about some of the latest research findings on both the cause of hearing loss and new […]

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Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction Can Be The Source Of Your Pain

A few of my patients – mostly the guys and gals who are more athletically inclined – come to me complaining of what they describe as a nagging “pain in the rear” which often makes it hard to walk, sit for prolonged periods comfortably,  or even continue exercising.  I immediately recognize this symptom as one […]

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Radiation Exposure: Do You Really Need All Those Tests?

In the quest to be proactive and stay healthy, I often recommend that my patients have preventative screening imaging tests like mammograms, etc, when indicated.  As well, my patients’ dentists also recommend that they have once a year x-rays to be sure they are not overlooking a problem brewing somewhere in their teeth.  All these […]

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Hearing Part 1: Tinnitus- The Noise In Your Ears Is Not All In Your Head!

Now and then a patient will come in with complaints of a nerve-wracking, constant ringing or other sounds in their ears.  One patient even thought he had gotten an insect in his ear that was buzzing and causing him a lot of anxiety.  No, nothing like that!  That buzzing sound he was hearing is called […]

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Itchy Skin Rash? You Could Have A Mold Allergy!

I have one patient who, almost every spring, comes in with an inflamed, itchy, sometimes swollen and very uncomfortable sunburn-like rash on her face.  At first it was a little tricky diagnosing the cause of her rash as there were several possibilities of what may have caused it.  After ruling out several possibilities, and doing […]

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Rheumatoid Arthritis Now Thought Triggered by Obesity

Several of my patients have rheumatoid arthritis.  Most of them also have a little extra poundage than I would like them to have.  Many of them feel that it’s been their aching joints that have kept them from exercising more and so they have gained weight.  However, looking back at their records, in many cases […]

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Do You Have Dysphagia (Trouble Swallowing)?

Sometimes I’ll see patients with the complaint that they’re having trouble swallowing, or a sensation that food is getting stuck in their throat and doesn’t go down easily.  The medical term for this is a hard word to pronounce – dysphagia (dis-faj-ah) – and could stem from a number of causes.  If you experience difficult […]

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Sleeping Problems: Insomnia and Cataracts Are Linked

Many of my patients over the age of 45 will agree that getting a good night’s sleep can become more and more difficult as you get older.  Interestingly, this is the same time when vision starts to become a problem for many people in that age group – and especially so for people nearing age […]

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CAUTION: Bicycling Could Be Hazardous To Your Bones

In the past, I frequently recommended bicycling, and/or stationary spinning to my patients as a source of fun, aerobic exercise, cardiovascular health and stress relief. However, after many young bicyclists were found to have osteopenia (wasting of bones) associated with serious fractures, researchers looked into a possible association between bicycling and bone health.  There is […]

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Prevent Blood Clots, Save Your Life!

Summer is right around the corner and if you’re like many of my patients, you may be planning to take a road, plane or train trip to travel somewhere. Since many of my patients and my readers are over age 50, I’d like to talk to you about a special concern of traveling that involves […]

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