October 2011


Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment With New Biologic Drugs

Several of my patients have been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, a frustrating condition in which the immune system begins to fight its own body as if it were a disease. In doing so, the body develops a severe, chronic inflammatory response in trying to heal it. This inflammation can flare in all the major joints […]

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The Surprising Uses and Benefits of Olive Oil

Only several years ago, olive oil was only really thought of as a specialty cooking oil you would buy in the “foreign food” section of the grocery store, mostly when you wanted to whip up a Mediterranean-type recipe that called for it. Even I was unaware of all the health benefits of olive oil, as well as its multiple other uses, until just a short time ago. Now, I routinely recommend it to all my patients, 1-2 tablespoons daily, for all the wonderful health benefits it confers. And that’s not all. My patients are frequently sharing with me new uses of olive oil that they’ve discovered and I’d like to share some of those with you.

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Melatonin and healthy sleep

Healthy Aging and Melatonin

Many times my patients will tell me that they have problems sleeping – they either have trouble getting to sleep or they have problems staying asleep. Not surprising, generally around our late 40’s – 50’s we start to become deficient in melatonin, a hormone that regulates our sleep patterns. As we near age 60, melatonin stores decrease even further.

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Your Heart And Your Erectile Dysfunction

Some of my over 40 male patients are concerned about whether or not they may have erectile dysfunction. We go over their symptoms (see below) and often times they do have a classic ED picture. However, when I ask these patients if anyone in their family has had heart disease, they’re frequently baffled at what that has to do with their ED? As I explain, though there are other causes of ED, recent research has shown that a man’s heart health can also be directly related to ED symptoms. Here’s why.

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stress affects your skin

How Stress Affects Your Skin

When you were a teenager do you remember getting a case of an angry red, acne breakout or hives the day before that big date or mid-term exam? I sure do and so do many of my patients. It’s true, stress can wreak havoc on your skin and be the culprit in sudden outbreaks of acne, itchy rashes, hives, dryness, and even sagging. In fact, a whole new field of medicine, called psychodermatology, focuses on why the skin is so responsive to our emotional state of mind. Here’s what I tell my patients about the emotions/skin connection and how you can control it.

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Outside world

Multiple Sclerosis: How Vitamin D Can Help

A few of my patients have multiple sclerosis and I know what a frustrating condition it can be. It’s hard for them to understand how their own immune system can trigger damage to their neurological system and cause it to break down, creating a whole host of difficult symptoms.

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The Sexy Health Benefits of Korean Panax Ginseng

One of my fondest memories as a young teenager were that of my grandparents coming to stay at our house every summer on one of their annual cross-country road trips from their home out west. It was the first time I had ever heard of Korean ginseng, or as its sometimes also called Korean Panax […]

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Oysters: Reap The Benefits and Avoid Poisoning

Like many of my patients, I share a love of oysters. They taste great and are chock full of health benefits such as being low in cholesterol, high in protein and B vitamins, a good source of vitamin A and C and also contain many important minerals like zinc, magnesium, iron, copper, iodine and phosphorus.
That said it could be a little tricky deriving the health benefits from oysters when you also have to contend with a real drawback – they can be poisonous.

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Muscle Spasms: Don’t Let Them Rob Your Rest!

Like most of my patients, you’ve likely experienced an annoying (and painful!) spasm in your calves, toes, ankles, upper arms, or perhaps even your neck or lower back. They seem to come like a bolt out of the blue, often when you’re sound asleep, and all of a sudden there it is and it has you jumping out of bed ouching and owwing. What do you do? How do you get rid of it? Today, let’s talk about muscle spasms, what they are and what you can do about them.

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