September 2011

COQ10 – Are You Getting Enough of This Amazing Nutrient?

As I explain to my patients, as we get older, many nutrients that our body uses for its daily processes can become deficient. Either we are not eating enough of the right foods to maintain good levels or our bodies have put a demand on the nutrient for more usage. This can often be the case with CoQ10. I’d like to share with you what you should know about this amazing nutrient and all the ways it can help you become, and stay, healthy long into your golden years!

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Rosacea: Get Rid Of The Redness

Rosacea can have profound social implications. People often think that a rosacea sufferer may even be a heavy drinker as the redness can mimic the same flushed face that frequently accompanies drinking alcohol. Rosacea patients often avoid social outings, or even going to work, as they are so self-conscious. It can be a distressing and embarrassing condition. As I tell my patients, there are several things you can do to both prevent outbreaks of rosacea and minimize its appearance when they do occur. Let me share with you what those things are.

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Anti Aging Properties of Super Antioxidant Resveratrol

New discoveries are continuing to increase life expectancy. A hundred years ago, life expectancy was only about 47 years. Today’s 50-something generation plans to live forever. Although their visions of centenarian vitality may be a bit unrealistic, trends toward an energetic, vital and mentally vibrant living well past 100 has become a potential reality for some.

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Part II: Artificially Yours – Not So Sweet Artificial Sweeteners

As I mentioned in part I, many of my patients have asked me about the many types of alternative sweeteners that are available to them and which are the best for their health. We looked at some natural source sweeteners that are commonly available at most grocery and health food stores, and their benefits and possible drawbacks. Here in Part II, let’s look at the artificial sweeteners that are commonly available in grocery stores and their benefits and drawbacks.

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Part I: Naturally Sweet

I can’t tell you how many times a week patients ask me about using the newer “natural source” sweeteners out on the market today. There’s a few of them and my patients are confused as to how beneficial they are. They want to do the best thing for their health and know that too much sucrose (table sugar) in their diet can cause a number of serious health problems including obesity, diabetes and heart disease. I’ve prepared this special 2-part report to help you become aware of the pros and cons of the various alternative sweeteners, both natural and artificial, that are available.

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Men’s Diets: Make It Succesful For You!

I can’t tell you how many times one of my male patients will ask me for the best diet advice to address all his particular issues, weight, cholesterol, hormones, etc. They want to know what they should eat, what they shouldn’t eat, when, how much. Maybe you’ve been researching various types of diets and wondering the same thing. Here’s what I tell my male patients.

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Nerve Pain Could Be a Food Allergy

Every now and then a patient will come in complaining of mysterious pains, and sometimes numbness, that seem to be unrelated to exercise, injury, medications (blood pressure, cholesterol), or prolonged cramped sleep positions, etc. I tell these patients who have these complaints that their quirky pains just might be caused by something they haven’t considered…a food allergy. Here’s what I tell my patients about food allergy substances you may be ingesting every day that can be causing your nerve pain.

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Laughter: Its Surprising Health Benefits

I have an older patient; I’ll call him Jack, who comes to see me now and then. Jack is 67 years old but looks and acts more like someone in his 40’s! He has a few minor health issues but none of the major ones, like heart disease, etc, that sometimes come in his age group. Jack is always smiling and always tries to be in good humor even when I know things are not going so well in his life.

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How To Protect Your Vision From Your Computer

However long you use your computer, like my patients, you may have experienced symptoms of computer vision syndrome – an annoying set of symptoms that affects 90% of people who use their computer 3 or more hours per day. Since I frequently hear complaints from patients about the symptoms of computer vision, I’d also like to share with you how you can relieve the temporary symptoms of computer vision and allow more comfortable use of your computer.

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Exercise Benefits All Of You- Even Your Brain!

Like many of my patients you may exercise to keep your muscles strong and your weight under control. However, did you know that regular physical exercise also helps keep your brain in shape too?

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The Amazing Skin Healing Benefits Of Rice

Lately I’ve been telling my patients more and more about what Japanese ladies have known for centuries…the amazing skin healing benefits of rice!

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Confused About Soy? Know Its Pros And Cons

I don’t think a week goes by without one of my patients asking me about whether or not to eat soy products. The question of eating soy has become a fairly controversial subject as, indeed, there are some good health benefits gained by consuming certain types of soy, but there can also be some bad health effects of consuming soy as well.

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