April 2011

Get rid of dark under eye circles

Get Rid Of Those Under Eye Circles

Ask my patients who have them and they will tell you that nothing makes them feel old and tired like dark under eye circles! In fact, they are always asking me what they can do to get rid of, or improve, those appearance-draining circles under their eyes. However, you don’t have to be older to […]

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Prevent Heart Palpitations

Heart Palpitations: What Do They Mean?

Every now and then I’ll have a patient tell me that they occasionally experience a fluttering, or faster than usual, heart beat and want to know what’s causing it and what they can do about it. As I explain to my patients, those flip flops they feel in their chest are most always nothing to worry about and can be caused by certain ‘triggers’ that I’d like to share with you.

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Exercise Your Brain

How To Keep Your Brain Sharp With Exercise

Exercise is not only beneficial, it is crucial, for your entire body to stay healthy and flexible. The same concept applies to your brain – something scientists call neuroplasticity – the ability of the brain to stay flexible and constantly reshaping itself, re-learning and adapting to new challenges. There are 5 core brain areas that need frequent and consistent stimulation to stay vibrant and functioning well.

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Pharmaceuticals In The Water Supply

The other day, a patient of mine asked me if I had seen the story on television regarding the presence of traces of pharmaceutical drugs in the nation’s water supply. I had. My patient wanted to know how serious of a problem it is and what he could do to prevent exposure to drugs in […]

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Skin Mistakes That Make You Look Older

Being a dermatologist, one of the frequent questions I get from my patients is what they can do to make their skin look younger. Often times, the answer to keeping your skin looking younger lies in not making common mistakes that actually ages skin. Here are some simple things I advise my patients to do […]

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Kitchen Herbs And Spices Are Powerful Antioxidants

Like most of my patients, you’ve probably heard or read about the importance of getting enough antioxidants in your diet to stay well. You may be surprised to know that you’re likely to have a whole kitchen spice rack full of some very powerful antioxidants and all you have to do is use them in […]

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