March 2011


Motion Sickness: How To Beat It!

Many of my patients complain about getting motion sickness when they travel – that icky kind of head spinning, stomach turning sensation that can occur when traveling by boat, plane, or train – especially boats! As a kid, I used to get motion sickness in the winter, all bundled up in warm winter clothes, riding […]

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Your Bladder: Keep It Naturally Healthy

Every now and then a patient will come in with symptoms of a urinary tract infection. They tell me that maybe they’ve been drinking a little too much alcohol, not drinking enough water, and perhaps eating foods that are known bladder irritants. All these things can throw off the delicate pH balance of the bladder […]

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The Amazing Health Benefits Of Acupuncture

Sometimes patients will come to me and are often surprised when I refer them to an acupuncturist for relief of chronic conditions rather than trying another prescription. Although there are times when a prescription is appropriate, I prefer to start treating a condition as naturally as possible and then add prescription drugs, if necessary, as […]

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Common Misdiagnoses For Men: What To Do

As a doctor, it’s not easy to admit that doctors are sometimes wrong about a diagnosis. It’s even harder for a patient to question their doctor’s diagnosis when treatment they’ve suggested isn’t working or what they’ve told you just doesn’t seem to ring true for you. That said, there are some illnesses and conditions, however, […]

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Control Gout The Natural Way!

Some of my male patients have a form of arthritis called gout. In fact, men seem uniquely predisposed to the condition as 95% of people who get gout are male and only 5% are women, usually in menopausal age groups. When they have a gouty flare, they come in complaining of pain in their big […]

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How To Prevent Enlarged/Ruptured Spleen

If you’re like many of my patients, you may be a Boomer, i.e., between the age of 44 and 62. As such, you may have a unique health risk with regards to the health and care of your spleen. As a teenager, you might have had a case of the “kissing bug” (mononucleosis) which was […]

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The Health Dangers Of Dehydration

One of my patients good-naturedly teases me by calling me “Dr. Water” because I’m always stressing the importance of drinking enough water every day. It’s true, though. Drinking water is one of the best health boosting things you can do for yourself. It can relieve a lot of nagging symptoms and keep you alive! In […]

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The Air You Breathe: An Invisible Killer?

Some of my older than 40 patients remind me of times back in the 1950’s when entire families would go for drives in the country to get away from the cities for some “fresh air” and sunlight. Today, however, those blue skies, sunlight and fresh air are becoming luxuries. More and more of our air […]

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Prevent Heart Disease- Go Have Some Fun!

In these days of serious economic woes, high unemployment, rising food and oil prices, revolutions in other countries, the news these days is not so great! If you’re like many of my patients, watching the nightly news can really get you down! It’s long been known that depression and anxiety is not good for your […]

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Health Goals Stalled? Check Your Health Food!

Many of my patients come in and tell me that they don’t know why their weight keeps going up, or at least they’re not losing any when they feel they should have. They tell me they’re exercising, eating “healthy foods” and still their weight loss efforts are stuck on zero! However, when I ask them […]

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Fibromyalgia- New Findings In Chronic Problem

If you’re like some of my patients who have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, you know the frustration of dealing with a chronic, and often, very painful and debilitating condition. What you might not know, however, is that new research into fibromyalgia has shed some light on why the condition may develop, what improves it and, […]

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