July 2010


Balance Problems: What They May Mean

On occasion, I hear from patients who complain of feeling dizzy as if they are going to fall when they turn their head suddenly, or lose their balance if they turn around in a circle. They may also admit to motion sickness, i.e., feeling a little dizzy and unstable riding a bike or traveling by […]

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Aging Eyes: What To Do About Them

Having trouble reading a menu or need more light reading a magazine or newspaper? If you answered yes and are over 40, join the club! Millions of people in your age group find their vision is not as sharp as it used to be, have trouble reading labels on food packages in the grocery store, […]

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Regenerate Joints With Vitamin D

Are aching, creaking joints making your simple daily activities uncomfortable?  For many of my patients, joint pain prohibits them from exercising and that’s not a good thing.  I have to tell them that sore, aching joints does not have to be a function of getting older. The truths is, sore, aching joints and bones, are […]

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Resistance Training: Lose Fat, Gain Strength Faster

If you’re like a lot of my patients over 40, you may have a few pounds to lose and would like to regain that youthful, toned, muscular look you used to have. It’s true, as we get older, if we don’t use it; we lose it, muscle strength, that is. Did you know that people […]

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Good Hair Starts With Good Nutrition!

Many of my patients, particularly those over 40, ask me if there is anything they can do about the look of their hair – it’s lost its healthy, youthful shine, and just doesn’t seem to be as thick as it used to be. There’s a whole lot you can do for your hair just by […]

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blood_clot _12426803

Blood Clots: Their Symptoms And How To Avoid Them!

Summer is once again here and many of my patients are traveling on vacations, or visiting friends and relatives across the country. Before they go, however, I like to give them some pre-travel advice about a potentially serious medical condition that can occur with long periods of sitting in cars, trains, and airplanes… blood clots. […]

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Caffeine: The Good, The Bad And The Healthy

Many of my patients enjoy coffee, tea, and other caffeinated beverages but they read and hear that caffeine is unhealthy and should be eliminated from your diet. They’re always asking me, “Do I have to give up my coffee?” It’s true that there seem to be mixed messages out there about the health effects of […]

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Avoid Torn Ligaments And Tendons

Many of my patients are very active and exercise every day. This is a good thing, but some of them overdo it or they fail to warm up properly and wind up with torn ligaments and/or tendons. These can be very painful and may necessitate surgery to repair them. Instead of being active and feeling […]

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Weight Loss Drugs: Are They Really Effective?

Seems at least once a week one of my patients asks me about the safety and effectiveness of some new diet formula they saw advertised on TV or the internet.  The answer is a mixed bag of yes, no and maybe, depending on the ingredients in the formula and how they’re being used.  If you’ve […]

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Raw Foods: The Good And The Not So Good

It wasn’t long ago that raw food bars were all the rage.  If you didn’t eat your food raw, you weren’t in with the IN crowd and you were out of the loop in the healthy rage. There are still some raw food bars around but pretty much the fad has died down and, I […]

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Second Hand Smoke: Just Like Smoking

I have several patients who are nonsmokers. So they think. They don’t actively put a cigarette to their lips and smoke it, but if they’re living with someone, or are consistently around someone who smokes in their presence, I make a note in their chart as, second hand smoker. That’s right. Did you know that […]

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