June 2010


Sugar: Tastes So Good But Acts So Bad

You’ve likely seen those commercials on television about high fructose corn syrup (sugar derived from corn) where a person eating something containing fructose says to her friend, “Like sugar, it’s fine in moderation”.  However, when it comes to sugar, determining moderation may be difficult. The subject of sugar, to eat or not to eat, has […]

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Herpes: Still Going Strong

If you’re like many of my patients who are old enough to remember when “The Love Bug” (what the media termed the herpes virus), reached near epidemic levels back in the 70’s, you may wonder if a cure has been found in the last 40 years or if it’s still a problem as a sexually […]

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Anxiety_ Man_2434013

Natural Cures For Anxiety

As I write this, I can think of several patients I’ve seen recently complaining of symptoms that have become increasingly worrisome to them. They become very nervous doing common things like grocery shopping, driving their car on the freeway, or just being out in a crowd. Their heart races, their stomach flip flops, they feel […]

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Poor Posture And Back Pain

“Stand up straight, shoulders back, don’t slouch, tighten your tummy muscles, and tuck in your glutes!”  If you remember to do all these things on a daily basis, your back will thank you for it.  At least that’s what most people think.  As a matter of fact, patients naturally assume that poor posture causes back […]

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Environmental Illnesses

It’s that time of year when warmer weather returns and so do my patients with a whole host of symptoms and illnesses associated with their living environment! These can include allergic reactions to plants or to chemicals we come in contact with on a regular basis. I even see patients with upper respiratory illnesses caused […]

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Hard working business man

Poor Sleep And Testosterone Levels

Are you one of those guys who are burning the candle at both ends and maybe only getting 4 or 5 hours of sleep a night? Are you also one of those guys having problems with his sex drive and feeling out of sorts? Well, recent studies done in the last 3 years show that […]

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Milk: Is It Really Good For You?

If you’re like me, or many of my patients, you likely grew up being told to “drink your milk; it’s good for you”. Sound familiar?
Used to be pasteurized cow’s milk was considered the healthiest thing you could drink. Today, we now know that regular, pasteurized milk can contain hormones and can aggravate allergies and upper respiratory conditions by creating mucus. Some researchers even say that non pasteurized, raw milk, is better for you!

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Mature woman struggling to hear_2666755

Summertime And Your Ears

With summer just around the corner, I know I’m going to start seeing a lot more patients with ear complaints and injuries. Why? Many ear conditions and injuries arise from things associated with warm weather and busier outdoor activity, like water sports, motorcycles, and amusement park rides, Fourth of July celebrations, flying insects! They all […]

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Stop Dependance On Nasal Spray!

Several of my patients have come to me with the fear that they may be addicted to their over-the-counter nasal spray. Their sinuses are chronically blocked and they keep using a nasal spray to clear them! They’re not alone either. In fact, researchers claim that there are 10 million Americans chronically dependent on using nasal […]

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

More and more patients come to me convinced they know the nature of their medical condition.  It’s not surprising because people nowadays “google” everything and sometimes find out more than they need to know. Just yesterday, I saw a patient who swore she had Carpal Tunnel Syndrome because she felt pain and tingling in one […]

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Medications And Weight Gain

Having a condition that requires you to take a certain medication everyday, perhaps several times a day, can be life-changing and maybe even a little upsetting. It doesn’t help when it also causes you to gain unwanted weight that may range from a few pounds to 100! Plus, the added weight gain can aggravate the […]

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