May 2010


Uncommon Home Remedies

Have you seen that movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding”? The Greek father in it has an amusing compulsion to treat every human malady with a spray of Windex! That’s right, the window cleaner. I’d never heard of using Windex for anything other than cleaning windows, but if it does work, I guess it would […]

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The Ancient Power Of Medicinal Herbs

Lately, more and more of my patients have expressed an interest in using herbs for their specific health concerns. They are concerned, as am I, about side effects, as well as rising costs of prescription drugs with health care insurance issues being what they are these days. Herbs have been used as medicine for centuries […]

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Should You Trust Your PSA Scores?

Most of my male patients undergo routine, annual PSA (prostate specific antigen) testing. 9 times out of 10, the result comes back within range of normal, or negative as does their physical exam. At other times, a PSA test may come back as elevated, outside of the normal range, and then I have the unpleasant […]

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Moles And Skin Tags

Of all the skin conditions I treat on a daily basis, moles and skin tags are by far the most common. As a matter of fact it is normal for adults to have between 10-40 moles by adulthood with the majority appearing during the first 20 years of a person’s life. Although they are a […]

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Drinking Soda: Do Things Really Go Better?

Pop, soda, or soda pop, whichever name you prefer, let’s face it, is an American icon. I, like many of my patients, grew up with it and couldn’t get enough of that ice cold blast of sugary delight hitting the back of my dry throat after playing outside on a hot summer day. Who can […]

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Neck Pain

Ways Of Preventing Back Pain: Part II

When it comes to your back, you can’t be too careful!  Sometimes all it takes is the slightest move or twist to lay you up for days, even weeks at a time.  You know what its like if you’ve ever suffered from severe back pain.  It makes you feel older than you are and you […]

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Causes And (Natural) Remedies For Migraines

With all the stressors of today’s hectic paced lifestyles and economic uncertainty, less than optimal nutrition, and deprived sleep patterns, it’s no wonder more and more of my patients complain of getting headaches. Did you know that about 90% of the population gets at least 1 headache a year? That’s a lot of headaches! In […]

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Back_ Pain_13143772

Ways Of Preventing Back Pain: Part I

If you’re like millions of other Americans, chances are you take your back for granted.  That is until you wake up one morning unable to move or you experience excruciating pain.  You may wonder what happened and how it got to be this bad!  Experts say the most common reason for back pain is work-related […]

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Fish capsules

Good Brain Health Equals A Young, Vibrant You!

When I discuss fitness with my patients, they’re often surprised when I tell them they need to also consider the fitness of their brain too. Many people don’t know that a healthy brain not only helps sharpen their memory but it also helps prevent other diseases as well. Today, I’d like to share with you […]

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Constipation: Is It Really Part Of Aging?

Have you noticed that older people seem to be obsessed with being regular? I know it may sound amusing, but the older people get, it seems the more concerns with constipation they have.  In fact, constipation is one of the most common ailments in people over age 65, especially women, accounting for most of the […]

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