March 2010


Don’t Ignore Leg Cramps! It Could Be Poor Circulation!

  Your body is a miraculous machine!  Think about all the systems that have to work together to keep you feeling and functioning at your highest level.  As an anti-aging doctor I try to prevent health problems from occurring in my patients by taking a pro-active approach to their well being.  One area of particular […]

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Is Hip Pain Keeping You Up At Night? Read This!

Does hip pain limit your everyday activities such as walking up and down stairs or getting up from a seated position? Do you have trouble sleeping because pain keeps you awake? If you are reading this, chances are you can relate to some of these symptoms. You may even be taking prescription medications or using […]

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Heart Attak_Health

Keep Arteries Clean Without Drugs or Bypass!

One of the most important health issues I stress to my patients is their heart health. The best ways to ensure heart health, and its all-important job of developing nourishing blood to every part of your body, is to prevent plaque buildup and reduced blood flow in arteries. Diet, exercise, lifestyle changes, and certain supplements […]

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Could You Have Metabolic Syndrome?

Some of the most common health issues my patients face today are weight control, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Did you know that the three of them are related? Yes, they are. They belong to a group of metabolic disorders called “metabolic syndrome” and can put you at risk for developing heart and other […]

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Say Goodbye To Acid Reflux

I can’t count all the times patients have come to me with acid reflux complaints! With the fast foods, sodas, and chocolate-laced coffee drinks we grab all too often, along with late night eating, the opportunities to create too much stomach acid have become part of our daily routine! Did you know, however, that by […]

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Foot And Heel Pain

A patient named Richard recently came to me for what he described as pain in his heel. His story is not unlike others I’ve heard and I believe it’s worth repeating in his own words: “I’m a construction worker and have to be on my feet most of the time. My feet never gave me […]

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Alternative Medicine- The Road To Here

It wasn’t too long ago that doctors who used alternative medicine methods of healing patients were labeled quacks. In fact, I remember the funny looks from fellow colleagues when I told them I thought herbal products and supplements had a lot to offer traditional medicine! In addition, years ago, people who turned to vitamin and […]

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Lose Weight, Feel Great, With Slow Carbs

Spring is just around the corner and many of my patients are frantic to lose weight so they can get into all those lighter, more revealing clothes! Their New Year’s resolutions fizzled out mid-February and now they’re back at it, trying harder than ever to lose those extra pounds. There’s so much confusion out there […]

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Insomnia And Ambien

With uncertain economic times and the responsibilities of their busy lives, it’s no wonder that many of my patients are having a hard time sleeping these days! So what do they do? Many of them take the nation’s bestselling sleeping pill Ambien, to help them sleep better. From my experience and research I have mixed […]

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Gluten Sensitivity

Are you one of the millions of people who love bagels for breakfast or bread with dinner? Let’s face it bread is one of the staples in the food chain that has sustained hungry eaters for centuries. Why then is there so much talk about the adverse affects of consuming gluten? Bread is supposed to […]

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