February 2010

head of tuna fish

Health Hazards Of Mercury

Many of my patients love fish as do I. It’s a good source of protein, heart-healthy Omega-3 fat and delicious! Living in an area surrounded by water, fresh fish is abundant. However, I would like to share with you an important pitfall of eating fish too often – mercury (Hg) levels. As yet, no cases […]

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome And Alternative Therapies

Several of my patients suffer with irritable bowel syndrome, or IBS. Traditional drugs don’t always work for everyone and can sometimes make matters worse. The question I often hear people ask is, “What else can I do to help stop these stomach spasms?” If you have IBS, and traditional treatments haven’t relieved your symptoms, don’t […]

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Do you suffer with scaly, itchy skin that blisters and peels? I know this may sound like a dreadful condition to live with but the truth is that eczema is on the rise. According to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, 9 – 30% of the U.S. population has some type of skin […]

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Erectile Dysfunction And Your Heart

Many of my over-40 male patients come to me with a similar complaint – they cannot achieve an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse. Their love life is lacking, they’re unhappy and they’re feeling inadequate. To complicate matters more, their heart health may be at risk! As I tell my patients, erectile dysfunction (ED) can have […]

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The Heart Of The Matter

Many of the requests for health advice I get from my patients involve taking care of their heart – what can they do to prevent or improve heart ailments? I’m always pleased when a patient wants to take a pro-active role in their heart health as it is one of the most important things you […]

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Pinched Nerve

If you have ever suffered from a pinched nerve you know how painful it can be. Chances are you experienced numbness or decreased sensation in the area supplied by the nerve or a tingling, “pins and needles” feeling. Some of my patients tell me they feel a sharp or burning pain which is aggravated by […]

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Beautiful business woman using her cell phone and carrying lapto

Possible Health Risks of Using Cell Phones

It seems everywhere I go I see people of all ages talking on cell phones. It’s true, cell phones have made our 21st century life a lot easier, but I’m a little concerned we might be paying for the convenience with our health. Cell phone technology has advanced greatly over the last 20 years, but […]

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Hair Loss In Men And Women

“I’m worried my hair is falling out! My hairdresser told me that my hair is much thinner than it used to be and I’ve noticed a change in thickness myself. I thought only men lost their hair when they got older.” As a dermatologist I frequently hear this complaint from women. Although men are more […]

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Urinary Incontinence- Get To The Source

You may have noticed that you leak urine when you laugh, sneeze, cough, or exercise. It’s embarrassing and a common complaint I hear from many of my patients who are over 40, men and women alike. In fact, this condition affects about 200 million people worldwide! It’s called urinary incontinence, or UI, the involuntary loss […]

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome In Men

Many of my male patients complain of being tired, stressed out, and just feeling like they’re burning the candle at both ends! I like to call this “too busy syndrome”, fatigue that’s caused by overly-busy schedules and not enough down-time to just hang-out and relax. There is a difference, however, between “too-busy tired” and the […]

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