January 2010


Protect Your Prostate

One of the most common health concerns my male patients have is their prostate and screening for disease. The thought of possibly having prostate cancer is, indeed, scary as statistics show it to be the most commonly diagnosed cancer amongst men. Prostate cancer affects all ethnic groups of men but rates are highest amongst Hispanic […]

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Part I: Aging And Memory Loss

“My memory seems to be going” is one of the most common complaints I hear from patients these days. From losing keys, forgetting appointments, birthdays, anniversaries, where the car was parked, these little lapses in memory are fairly common. When my patients experience these memory glitches, they ask me, “Am I getting old?” My answer […]

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Pain Is Not Always Bad

It doesn’t surprise me when patients come to see me complaining they are in pain. More than 86 million Americans suffer pain and about 80% will experience back pain at least once in their lifetime. Pain is a major reason why people seek medical care. The question is how is it treated and what happens […]

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Part II: Prescription Drugs And Your Memory

In Part I of Memory and Aging, I explained to you how growing older can affect your memory. I also gave you some brain-healthy things you can do to keep that incredible shoulder-top computer retrieving all its data well into your advanced years. Here in Part II, I would like to talk to you about […]

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Part II: Low Testosterone Remedies

In the first part of this two-part article we talked about how low testosterone levels: Affect healthy male aging Affect a man’s energy, mood, weight/fat distribution, and sex drive. Contributes to conditions like diabetes, prostate problems, heart disease, osteoporosis, and depression. We also talked briefly about methods of testosterone replacement. So, here I’d like to […]

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Part I: Testosterone, Aging, And Good Health

As a doctor with male patients over age 40, I hear many complaints about fatigue, little or no sexual energy, weight gain, irritability and/or depression. When they remark that their symptoms are just part of growing older and that there’s nothing they can do about it, I like to tell them about my 89-year-old neighbor […]

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Some of my patients sweat excessively on a daily basis. They have a condition called hyperhidrosis. Even when they feel relatively cool and collected, they can get sweaty palms, face, underarms, or feet. This type of sweating can cause considerable embarrassment and distress. It can also cause some physical ailments such as dehydration and skin […]

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Get Healthy With Good Bacteria

We’ve likely all seen that commercial on television about how eating yogurt with live cultures can help you stay regular and feeling great. Well, it’s true! Our bodies are home to thousands of both good and bad strains of bacteria called intestinal flora. Recent studies have shown that when bad bacteria outweigh the good, it […]

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The Damaging Effects Of Eating Late At Night

All of us are guilty of late night refrigerator raids once in a while. Sometimes a stressful day, depression, illness, working late, inability to sleep, or just plain boredom will draw us to the kitchen when we should be sleeping. Many of us eat the equivalent of a full meal in these late night scenarios, […]

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