Glaucoma- How To Prevent And Manage It For Better Eye Health

I frequently advise my over-40 patients that regular eye exams every 3-5 years should be part of your health maintenance. One of the most important reasons to receive regular eye care is to check for glaucoma – a build up of fluid pressure within the eye that can silently progress to vision loss! I write […]

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Medications: Are You Taking Too Many Prescription Drugs?

I recently discovered that a few of my over-40 patients appeared to be over-medicated from a combination of prescription drugs they had been given by different doctors. They came in complaining of not feeling well and said that they had been taking all of their prescriptions. When I asked them what prescription medications they were […]

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Hypoglycemia: How To Manage Low Blood Sugar

I frequently see patients complaining that they can get “spacey”, i.e., unable to concentrate, words a little jumbled, headachy, or a little dizzy and irritable if they haven’t eaten for several hours. These are the basic symptoms caused by blood sugar falling a little low, or hypoglycemia, and it occurs from having gone too long […]

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Blisters And Bunions: Soothe Them Fast!

At this time of year many of my patients are attending holiday parties. This can mean being on your feet for long periods of time, standing, dancing, walking in new, stiff dress shoes and high heels, which can cause a real pain in the foot, namely that of blisters and bunions! If your foot is […]

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Keep Your Holidays Healthy With Superfoods!

If you’re like most of my patients, you worry that eating all those rich holiday foods in the upcoming weeks will sabotage your diet and healthy-eating efforts. As I tell my patients though, many of the typical foods we associate with the holidays, even a little alcohol, can boost your health rather than sabotage it! […]

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Sciatica- Don’t Let Sciatic Pain Bench Your Activity

Like some of my patient’s over 40, you may begin to experience pain on one side of your hips/buttocks, some numbness or tingling running down your leg, or even weakness in your legs. You may find it increasingly harder to sit comfortably or even have sharp pain when trying to stand or walk. If this […]

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Whole Grains- Make The Most Of Their Health Benefits

Lately we’ve been bombarded with TV and magazine ads singing the praises of whole grains and that we should add a lot of them to our diet for good health. However, choosing an actual “whole grain” can be confusing – you have to read labels carefully to be sure your food choice really is whole […]

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Men Do (And Love!) Yoga And Zumba Too!

Many of my female patients practice Yoga and they know I think it is a great way for them to stay in shape. It’s been practiced for centuries by eastern Indian cultures as a form of physical fitness. However, I also encourage my male patients to take up Yoga as a great way to stay […]

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Night Sweats In Men – What They Could Mean

Many of my patients complaining of sweating at night are men over 40. That’s right. Typically, we think of women experiencing night sweats associated with the hot flashes caused by menopause. However, sleep hyperhidrosis (nocturnal hyperhidrosis), or “night sweats” can also occur in men, particularly those over the age of 40. Let’s look at the […]

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Feeling Guilty About Overeating? Think Again!

The holiday season is a wonderful time of year! For most people it means getting together with family and friends to give thanks, celebrate, feast and relax. It is the time of the year you throw your diet to the wind and indulge yourself in holiday eating with a bountiful array of foods. Traditionally it […]

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Turn Off Post Nasal Drip And Breathe Easy

At this time of year when temperatures are getting much cooler and it’s raining more often, I get a lot of patients coming in complaining of a chronic cough and feeling like there’s a faucet slow drip, drip, dripping in the back of their throat. These are common symptoms of a condition usually associated with […]

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Are You At Risk For Bisphenol A Side Effects?

If you’re like many of my patients, you’re old enough to remember going to the beach and at least stepping on a piece of glass, or worse cutting your foot, from broken soda bottles. Then plastic started to be mass manufactured and happily most of those pieces of broken glass gradually disappeared from beaches, sidewalks, […]

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