December 2009


Outsmarting Pet Allergies

Many of my patients are pet lovers. In fact, the pet population in the United States is over 100 million! And not only is it fun to have a pet, medical studies show that people who have pets have lower blood pressure, less depression, and actually live longer than those who don’t. But sometimes having […]

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Healthy Habits And Your Prostate

If you are like many of my male patients, you are probably concerned about two common health problems; high cholesterol and prostate problems. Recent research findings now show that the two conditions are linked to each other in the following way. Men who keep their cholesterol at a healthy level get an added bonus of […]

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Stress Creates Neck And Shoulder Pain

Lately I’ve seen patients with a lot of muscle tension in their neck and shoulders. Their shoulders are hunched up under their ears, and their necks so stiff they can barely move them. Severe neck and shoulder stiffness and pain may require physical therapy to alleviate symptoms, but I’d like to share with you the […]

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Modern Life And B Vitamins Deficiency

I think the most common complaints I hear as a physician, from men and women alike are, “I’m tired, I forget things, I’m cranky, I don’t have any energy to get through my day, I’m depressed”. Our modern, fast-paced lives can cause us to be chronically tired, forgetful, anxious, or feeling down. You rely more […]

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Air Travel Health Issues

As the holidays are drawing closer and you may be traveling by air to visit friends and relatives, Id like to talk to you about some of the health concerns associated with flying and what you can do to ensure that you can stay healthy and enjoy your trip. Airplane Cabins – A Potential Breeding […]

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The Pros and Cons of Hand Sanitizers

When my patients ask me what they can do to protect themselves from the spread of germs, my answer is always the same; “wash your hands with soap and water every chance you get.” Why then is there such a push toward the use of hand sanitizers? Studies show that using alcohol-based hand sanitizers is […]

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Fiber Fights Belly Fat And Disease

In my busy practice, one of the most common complaints I hear is, “Dr. Rosenberg, how can I get rid of all this belly fat?” Well, I’d like to share with you some exciting results of a new study out of the University of Southern California. The study found that by just adding 6 grams […]

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You Don’t Need Antidepressants – Boost Your Mood Naturally!

The prescribing of antidepressant drugs doubled between 1996 and 2005 and rose from 13 million to 27 million users during that time frame. I have to admit that many patients come to me complaining of symptoms that could be diagnosed as depression. Some tell me they have crying spells, or are void of ambition, or […]

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Degenerative Disc Disease

If you suffer with back pain, you might be interested to know you are not alone. A large percentage of my patients come to me for this very reason, complaining of lower back or neck pain. When I mention the word degenerative disc disease, they seem confused because they immediately think their pain will get […]

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Green Foods

“What’s all the hype about eating green foods?” This is a question many of my patients are asking me more often these days. It seems everywhere you look there is some mention of going green in one way or another. People are not only becoming more conscious about preserving the environment, they also want to […]

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