November 2009


E. Coli Infection Could Happen To You

If you are one of the millions of Americans who love hamburgers, you might want to know a little more about what goes into the ground meat you are eating. It seems like more and more of my patients come to me with questions regarding E. coli and whether they should be concerned. The truth […]

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Razor Burns

Many of my patients come to me with what seems like a very common problem…razor burn. You too may have experienced that irritating rash that appears after shaving. It can be slightly itchy, with a noticeable rash on your face and neck. Sometimes it creates “razor bumps” that result from ingrown hairs that is not […]

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Falls And Bone Fractures

Falls occur at any age but they are particularly common in people over sixty. As an orthopedic surgeon it is not uncommon for me to see elderly patients who have fractures due to accidental falls. One of my elderly patients was adamant that she was doing all she could to prevent bone loss by drinking […]

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You May Be Causing Your Low Immunity

Do you know that your body is equipped with an incredible defense mechanism known as your immune system? It fights back against viruses, bacteria, chemical pollutants, and free radicals in the environment. It heals wounds, infections, and bruises. It even has the ability to draw antidotes to some diseases that happened as far back as […]

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A Natural Approach To Psoriasis Relief

I see patients almost daily with some form of psoriasis. For some people, psoriasis causes only occasional, mild irritation. But for others, this skin disease causes severe symptoms which are difficult to treat. I remember one patient who had suffered since young adulthood. Other doctors had prescribed several different medications for him, all of which […]

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Gynecomastia – “Women Like Breasts”

There are some things men just don’t want to talk about, not even to their doctors. It’s easy to discuss cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, or other obvious conditions. But when it comes to some parts of the body men have a difficult time breaking the silence. This was true of a new patient who […]

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Keeping Varicose Veins Away May Be As Simple As Changing A Few Daily Habits

One of my female patients recently expressed concern about varicose veins. Both her mother and grandmother lived with unsightly veins for years, and she wondered if she was destined to have this condition. I was honest with her. Varicose veins often run in families but the condition is not necessarily inevitable. I assured her that […]

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