October 2009


Acid Or Alkaline? Your pH Can Determine Your Health

When a patient came to me recently with chronic fatigue, frequent colds and headaches, I gave him a complete physical exam to rule out several possible illnesses. Then, to his surprise, I placed a strip of litmus paper under his tongue. According to the test, his body was quite acidic, with a pH reading of […]

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Take Care Of Your Feet And Avoid Arch Pain

A patient recently called to ask my advice regarding the pain he was having in his feet. He told me he had walked over five miles on a recent trip to New York. Although he knew he had flat feet, he made the mistake of wearing regular sneakers with little support. The more he walked, […]

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Keep Your Vision Sharp And Your Eyes Healthy–Part II

It’s not surprising to hear many of my patients express concern about the continuous decline in their vision. Some even confess their belief that cataract surgery is only a matter of time. However, as I pointed out in my last article, even serious eye disease like macular degeneration can be treated with natural methods. There […]

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How To Take Care Of Your Vision – Part One: Macular Degeneration

An aging friend of mine had recently developed macular degeneration and had asked me if there were any recommendations I could make to help save his eyesight. Besides having him see his eye doctor I suggested a few natural methods but I knew he had waited to long to stop this ongoing disease. Now at […]

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Organic vs. Non-Organic

To go organic or non-organic, that is the question! The more I read and hear, the more confused I get. Am I paying more for the same product just because the label reads “natural,” “hypoallergenic,” or “free range?” Is it all just a lot of marketing hype? What makes a product organic and is it […]

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Essential Fatty Acids May Be The Key To Your Problems

I often see patients who assume that forgetfulness, dry skin, impaired memory and other symptoms are just part of getting older. They’re surprised when I suggest that the lack of essential fatty acids may be at the root of their problems. Most of my patients have heard of essential fatty acids, but many of them […]

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Natural Care For Aging Knees

Recently an overweight, middle-aged man came into my office suffering with aching knees. It seems that his favorite exercise of running was playing havoc on his body and he was considering giving up this sport for good. I explained the possible causes for his pain could be any of these conditions: tendinitis (inflamed tendons), bursitis […]

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Cause Of Heart Palpitations May Not Be What You Think

I occasionally see patients complaining of a fluttering heart, a sense of fullness in the chest, a pounding heart or skipped heartbeats. These sensations, also called heart palpitations, occur when the electrical system in the heart malfunctions. This malfunction disrupts the natural rhythm of the heart (arrhythmia). Usually, irregular beats are harmless. As a matter […]

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Natural Steps To Liver Health

When I suspected liver malfunction in one of my patients recently, he protested. He assumed that his liver was fine since he didn’t drink large amounts of alcohol. His assumption was a common one. Whenever I mention liver problems, most of my patients think of cirrhosis (associated with excessive alcohol consumption) or hepatitis, a viral […]

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The Truth About Antioxidants

The word antioxidant has recently become a household word. I remember a time when only health care professionals spoke of antioxidants and their disease preventative qualities. Today you find food labels, magazine articles, and health alerts encouraging people to eat a healthy diet rich in antioxidants. You know they are good for you but why […]

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