September 2009


Your Health Is Not Worth The Gamble Anti-Aging Part II

If you’ve ever played the lottery you know how it feels to lose. Better still maybe you’ve been one of the lucky people who have actually won. No matter what the outcome, you took the chance and bought the ticket. What if I told you that your odds for living a long, healthy life are […]

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Don’t Let Diverticulosis Happen To You!

I know I must sound like a broken record when I tell my patients to drink plenty of water, get regular exercise, and eat a high-fiber diet. This may be a familiar refrain that you hear from your doctor as well. It is probably because doing these three things are essential ingredients to keeping your […]

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So many patients come to me complaining of swelling and tenderness in their joints. They seem to accept the fact that aches and pains are a natural part of getting old. As an orthopedic physician, I can tell you that there are changes you can make in your life right now that will help you […]

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Restless Leg Syndrome

Dr. Rosenberg, “I hoping you can help me with this very unusual problem. Recently I’ve been experiencing a tingling and burning in my legs. It’s like a snake is crawling up and down the inside of my calves and it even worse when I’m trying to sleep! It so frustrating that sometimes I just want […]

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Don’t Let The Sun Ruin Your Vacation!

Living in Florida has its benefits and its drawbacks. The fact is that sunshine is what people love about this state but the rays of the sun can be deadly. Not a week goes by that I don’t see at least one patient blistered from serious sunburn. I am constantly warning my patients about the […]

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Cigarette Smoke Is Hazardous To Your Health

Do you remember when smoking cigarettes was a cool thing to do and the harmful affects were not even thought about? Today when I see patients who are still smoking or have smoked for years I cringe at what their lungs might look like. I recently treated a patient, now 75 years old for a […]

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Support Your Bones

It may seem like every time you visit your doctor he recommends another test or screening. You may wonder why since you are not having any noticeable problems. As a doctor who has treated hundreds of bone injuries over the years, there is one test I highly urge you to consider and that is bone […]

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heart_failure _15331820

Living With Heart Failure

Do you know that about 5 million people in the U. S. have heart failure and it contributes to 300,000 deaths each year? These are staggering statistics to say the least. Yet when my patients come to me with concerns about heart disease, they are only concerned about having a heart attack. Heart failure is […]

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