July 2009


Overactive Bladder A Private Matter

Do you have a “going” problem? By that I mean do you have to urinate more often than you ever did before? One of my patients recently described his anxiety about searching for a bathroom because he feared he wouldn’t make it in time. He said he could barely get through two holes of golf […]

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Fast And Lasting Relief For Your Itchy Eyes

I have many patients that come to me with runny noses and watery eyes begging for some relief from their allergies. They complain that trying to function with itchy or twitching eyes is not only a nuisance but gets in the way of enjoying life. Being an allergy sufferer myself, I have to say I […]

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Jumping At Shadows: The Internet And Your Health

In my practice I’ve noticed a trend among my patients. Most people who come to see me these days have checked out their symptoms online before their visit. In a lot of cases, what they find leads them to believe they are suffering from something much worse than that they actually are. That might not […]

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Hot Is Not Always Sexy

I was saddened the other day to read of the heat stroke death of 82-year old female twins in their hot, airless home in Texas. This got me thinking about heat stroke…how easy it is to fall victim to it, and how easy it is to prevent it. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention […]

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Your Dentist Knows Your Heart

I’ve had a number of patients say to me, “Doctor, my dentist says I should get my heart checked out, what does a dentist know about hearts?” Then after some tests, I have to tell my patients, that, yes, their dentist was right, they have a heart problem. There is definitely a gum-heart connection and […]

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Make That Elephant On Your Chest Go Away

Bloating, burping, sour taste in your mouth, and stomach or chest pains, these are some of the frequent complaints that bring patients to my office. If you are one of the approximately 60 million Americans who suffer from heartburn, you’ll know what I’m talking about. The horrible burning sensation in the middle of your chest […]

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Where Did I Leave My Keys?

You know that feeling, the one when you walk into a room looking for something, and completely forget what it was or why you are there. When these memory slip-ups occur, you start to worry about dementia, or worse – Alzheimer’s. I’d like to talk about these ‘senior moments’ and show that memory disorders aren’t […]

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Could You Have a Sleep Disorder?

Patients often come to me complaining of the following symptoms, periodic drowsiness, and sleepiness during the day, or falling asleep at inappropriate times. They insist that they spend plenty of time in bed, at least 8 hours a night, so why are they so tired? After ruling out other medical causes for their fatigue I […]

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Bones – Your Body’s Foundation

Because my patients can’t see their skeleton, they often don’t give much thought to keeping their bones in optimum condition throughout their lives. This lack of foresight can have a tragic and lasting effect on quality of life as they age. Our bones are our foundation and protection. They are the framework that encases and […]

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