June 2009


The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Of Sun Bathing!

There’s been a lot of chatter about vitamin D lately so I’d like to synthesize the information and give you a comprehensive overview of this essential supplement. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin not naturally found in many foods, hence the fortifying of foods such dairy products, orange juice and some cereals. Our bodies can […]

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Have you had your cholesterol levels checked lately? The reason I ask this question is because cholesterol is one of the most commonly heard words in the medical field. When it comes to heart health, cholesterol is on the top of the list. I screen all of my patients for cholesterol levels, and I can […]

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No Ones Joints Should Be This Painful!

Do you ever experience extreme pain around your joints? One of the causes might be from a medical condition called Bursitis. Many think that you need to be an athlete or extreme sports enthusiast to develop this painful inflammation. But in fact any overuse of the joints, whether at work or during leisure time, can […]

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Hearing Loss Doesn’t Have To Happen To You

One of the complaints I get from of my patients is they can’t hear what I’m saying. So I speak up, and they still can’t hear me clearly. Then I know they are one of the twenty-eight million Americans suffering from sudden or gradual hearing loss. This affliction affects adversely their quality of life both […]

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The Salad Bar: Diet Friend Or Foe

Let’s say you’ve just spent a long day at the office. You feel exhausted, and you barely have the energy to think about what to eat for dinner, let alone do the actual cooking. If you are like most Americans, you will pick up fast food on the way home or pile your family in […]

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Natural Solutions For Menopause: Part Two

As an anti-aging medical doctor, one of the biggest issues associated with women health is menopause. If asked to give a simple definition for this medical condition I would easily say: it means going at least one year without a menstrual period. But menopause can also refer to the changes a woman experiences as she […]

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Natural Solutions For Menopause― Part One

I often discuss ways to live healthy today in order to prevent diseases and conditions that may strike down the road. Countless research studies prove that a smart approach to diet, exercise and lifestyle can reduce the risk of many chronic ailments. For women who have actively cared for their well-being all their lives, however, […]

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There is so much talk around superfoods lately and the health benefits of including them in your diet. As a doctor who specializes in anti-aging strategies, I can truly say that the addition of superfoods to your daily food intake will totally optimize your health and lower the risk of disease. That’s why I make […]

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Stop The Acid Burn That’s Destroying Your Health

In my years of practice as a doctor, I’ve learned that many major health problems are often caused from something very simple. This is good news because it means you can make small changes to improve your health. Unfortunately, most people overlook the easy fixes because they don’t trust in their ability to work. So […]

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