February 2009


Natural Ways To Beat Laryngitis

According to patients I’ve treated for the condition, laryngitis seems to strike at the worst possible time. I hear of actors who rehearse tirelessly, only to lose their voices right before opening night. For others, laryngitis may strike on the eve of an important presentation or conference. Although a case of laryngitis may force you […]

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Massage: A Healthy Indulgence

Many of my patients see massage therapy as an indulgence. They might go to a spa a few times a year as a special treat, or to relax after a period of stress. As an orthopedic surgeon, I know there are more benefits to massage than simply an hour of relaxation. It is an important […]

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How To Prevent Winter Sports Injuries

Despite chilly temperatures and shorter days, winter is the favorite time of year for many sports enthusiasts. No matter how skilled at skiing, snow mobile riding, ice-skating or hiking, you may be at risk for serious injuries while performing your favorite activities. Whether you hit the slopes every weekend or spend most of the winter […]

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The Truth About Mouthwash

Most of us have a bottle of mouthwash in our medicine cabinets or on our bathroom sinks. Maybe you use yours everyday or simply keep it around for those times when you need a quick breath freshener without having to pick up your toothbrush. Although the common belief is that mouthwash kills bad breath, experts […]

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The Tremendous Health Benefits Of Berries

Some call them superfoods. The fruits, vegetables and other natural items that you commonly eat (or should be eating) are often loaded with multiple health-boosting qualities. But one of them takes the front of the stage and is a long-time favorite of nutritionists. It’s the often the least eaten fruit―the berry! You may think you […]

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Secrets To Increase Your Metabolism

Have you struggled for years to keep your weight in check? Have you noticed extra pounds adding up since you reached middle age? If either scenario applies to you, it is likely that metabolism is playing a major role in your “weighty” issues. Metabolism is simply the process by which the body makes and uses […]

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Monkeys May Be Smarter Than You Think! They Aren’t Lacking Potassium, A Vital Nutrient

They say, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” While apples have many health benefits, I sometimes think the saying should be changed to, “A banana a day keeps the doctor away.” As most of you already know, bananas are an excellent source of potassium, a mineral that is essential for proper nerve and […]

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Managing Salt In Your Diet

When it comes to a healthy diet, everyone has a slightly different approach. Many people focus on cutting high-fat foods. Others feel best when they reduce their intake of simple carbohydrates. Those who want to drop pounds count their calories. There is another aspect of a healthy diet, however, that most of us overlook. It […]

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