January 2009


Eating Healthy All Winter

What is the easiest way to get in shape for your summer vacation? It’s eating healthy during the cold winter months and skipping the beach-body crash diets of years past. As soon as temperatures start rising, I see patients trying to lose the extra pounds that crept on around the holidays and stayed through the […]

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Estrogen Dominance: Maintaining Hormonal Balance In Men

Many aspects of our health depend upon balance. For energy, we must balance rest with exercise. For fuel, we must balance protein with carbohydrates. Finally, for healthy cells, we must balance estrogen and testosterone. These two key hormones, along with progesterone, are vital for good health. When they fall out of balance, however, various problems […]

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The BIG Health Tip Of The Year…It Can Possibly Save Your Life!

My patients often tell me that looking after one’s health is complex. With symptoms, risks, diagnoses and treatments to think about, it is often difficult to keep track of the information that directly affects your well-being. Fortunately, not all health advice needs to be complicated. Often, one change in lifestyle can have big benefits to […]

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It’s A Tough Time Of Year For Dandruff Sufferers

You know the feeling. You meet someone new and halfway through the introduction you see his or her eyes glance toward your shoulder. You know why, too. You’ve got dandruff. Or you’re in a job interview and your scalp starts to itch. You don’t want to make a bad impression by constantly reaching up and […]

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The Facts Behind Sleepwalking

One of the keys to good health is getting plenty of sleep. We all know it’s hard to stay on our toes at work or with our families when we we’re exhausted from too little shut-eye. I tried to instill the importance of getting adequate sleep to all my patients. My recommendation is at least […]

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What You Must Know About Trans Fat

I often discuss the importance of eating a balanced diet. Today, I want to tell you about one important component of a healthy eating plan that is often misunderstood. I’m talking about dietary fat. If you are struggling to maintain a healthy diet or lose weight, fat is just as necessary as lean protein, whole […]

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Stress Is Not To Blame For Stomach Ulcers

For many years, ulcers were blamed on stress, unhealthy lifestyle or too much spicy food. Today, doctors know the true cause of this painful digestive order. You may not always be able to control whether or not you will suffer from ulcers, but you can find successful treatment, both from your doctor and at home. […]

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Strengthen Bones The Healthy Way—With Diet And Supplements

Bone health is a concern we all must face as we age. If you don’t like the idea of giving up a weekly tennis game due to stiff elbows, or cutting short time with grandchildren due to aching hips, it is time to evaluate your habits to ensure healthy bones for years to come. Expensive […]

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