October 2008


The Routine Tests Every Man Should Have

One of the worst things I have to do as a doctor is break bad news to a patient. Whether I have to tell someone they have heart disease, diabetes, or a problem with their prostate, it’s always difficult. Fortunately, most of my patients follow my advice about getting routine screenings. This means that my […]

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Could You Have The Shingles Virus Without Knowing It?

Most people have heard of shingles, but many do not have a firm idea of what it actually is. I’ve diagnosed patients with shingles who knew little more than that it is rash, which is most likely to strike older adults. Although shingles can be painful, this viral infection is not life-threatening and is unlikely […]

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Coping With Panic Attacks

Do you remember Tony Soprano getting panic attacks in the HBO hit series? Well, today I would like to give you some interesting information about this serious medical problem. At one time, not all that long ago, panic attacks were dismissed as the result of weak nerves or the inability to deal with stress. The […]

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Put An End To Snoring And Get A Good Night’s Sleep

During a routine visit with a patient last week, I noticed that he and his wife both looked a little tired. When I asked if anything was wrong, the wife rolled her eyes and said, “He keeps me up all night with his snoring.” He looked a little sheepish, but I could see they were […]

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woman exercising

Easy Ways To Prevent Muscle Spasms

Have you ever seen a football or basketball player experience a muscle spasm? A spasm, often referred to as a muscle cramp, is a contraction that happens suddenly with little or no stimulation. The contraction and pain last for a few minutes before they gradually diminish. What many people don’t realize is that these muscle […]

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Don’t Let Indigestion Ruin Another Evening

A good friend of mine loves spicy food. A few years ago, though, he noticed that whenever he ate anything to spicy, he spent the rest of the evening with miserable indigestion. He asked me if there was any way he could enjoy the foods he loved without the unpleasant aftereffects. Fortunately, I was able […]

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Red tomatoes

The Top Anti-Cancer Foods

I have long believed that people can transform their health with the foods they eat. I encourage patients with a wide array of conditions to examine their diets in addition to using traditional treatments and medicines. For some, adopting a healthy diet full of produce, whole grains and lean protein can improve symptoms through weight […]

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Soothe Your Feet And Do Away With Dry, Cracked Skin

The patients that are often most embarrassed during their appointments with me are the ones who come to me with problem feet. There are many different reasons patients have complaints about their feet, but the most common is that their skin is dry and cracked. This condition can be itchy, painful and uncomfortable. It can […]

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How To Prevent Hearing Loss

Enjoying a good conversation with a friend, listening to your favorite music, hearing a grandchild read for the first time – all these things are simple pleasures in life, but they also have something else in common. They can disappear with the onset of hearing loss. About one-third of adults ages 65 to 74 report […]

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Getting To The Root Of Tinnitus

According to the old saying, “if your ears are burning, then someone, somewhere, must be talking about you”. I don’t know if this funny notion has ever been proven, but if you regularly experience ringing or noise in your ears, it’s no laughing matter. The sensation you’re feeling is most likely tinnitus, a common condition […]

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Balance Problems: A Leading Cause Of Falls In Older Adults

When I treat older patients who have taken a recent fall, they often say the same thing: “I never thought this would happen to me.” Doctors and other health professionals have done a good job of informing the public about the dangers that balance problems present to older adults. Equally important, however, is providing solutions […]

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