May 2008

Lady Steps

Don’t Fall Victim To An Injured Achilles

I encourage all my patients to stay active with regular exercise. Whether you prefer strength training at the gym, outdoor fitness activities or team sports, regular exercise is one surefire way to boost your health and promote longevity. Just because you aren’t a professional athlete, however, doesn’t mean you can’t be sidelined unexpectedly with an […]

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No More Crashes: Balancing Blood Sugar Naturally

We’ve all heard the expression, “sugar high,” but for those with diabetes, the words take on new meaning. If your body is resistant to insulin (the substance that manages blood sugar levels) it can no longer produce an adequate insulin supply and this “sugar high” can have serious consequences. Because I see many diabetic patients […]

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A Stress-Related Disease You Should Know About!

The way you handle physical and emotional stress makes a big impact on your overall health. I have evaluated stacks of research showing that prolonged stress can have a very real effect on physical well-being. In healthy individuals, the body deals with that stress in part by producing the hormone, cortisol. In certain people, however, […]

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Could Vertigo Be Causing Your Dizziness?

Anytime I have a patient who complains of dizzy spells, my first step as a physician is to get more information. You see, many people put all types of dizzy sensations into one category! Determining the specific kind you are experiencing is critical to developing a natural course of treatment. Vertigo Versus Lightheadedness Lightheadedness has […]

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“Spot” The Signs Of Aging

We all know that getting older brings new health challenges. At least we have all the grace and wisdom of our years to take these problems in stride. Still, as mature as we might be none of us wants to come face to face with age spots every time we look in the mirror. Fortunately, […]

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It’s Much More Than Common Jaw Pain!

It is natural for the body to go through some wear and tear as we get older. Many of my patients feel these effects in their joints and bones. They come to me frequently for treatment of arthritis in the back or legs, but I don’t get as many complaints about jaw pain. This may […]

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Gout: A Painful Form Of Arthritis

Many years ago, people thought gout was the result of heavy drinking and too much rich food. Although this is partially true, many patients who see me after a gout attack don’t know what is actually causing the pain on a physical level. Another common belief is that only men suffer from gout. Though the […]

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When Rest Can’t Fix Your Fatigue

What if you get plenty of rest every night, but still feel exhausted during the day? This may be a sign of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, a mysterious illness that causes a lot of common misconceptions. For instance, patients sometimes think they can’t possibly have CFS because they were never depressed. Though depression can be one […]

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Take Control Of Cholesterol To Protect Heart Health

Heart disease is a topic that gets plenty of attention in the media, and for good reason. After all, it is the leading cause of death for both men and women in the United States. Heart disease is a vast topic, and a variety of risk factors come into play. Today, I want to narrow […]

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There Are Now New Ways To Deal With Your Scars!

Even though I’m not a plastic surgeon, I often see patients that are concerned about scars they have on their bodies. I reassure them that scars are not a bad thing because it’s a sign that you’re body has helped the wound heal. For many people, however, scars are unsightly reminders of an injury, accident […]

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Brown & White Sugar Close up

Sweetening The Deal With Natural Sugars

Many healthy foods contain natural sugars, such as fructose in fruit and lactose in milk. These sugars are fine as part of a balanced diet. The sugar you want to cut down on is the refined type, or the highly processed white stuff used in most baked goods.

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