April 2008

Closeup Golfer

Avoid The Pain of Golf And Tennis Elbow

There are a lot of common misconceptions floating around about these two injuries. The biggest myth is the notion that only tennis or daily golfers are at risk. The truth is that even the casual athlete and people who never pick up a golf club can suffer these injuries.

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Spices That Boost Your Health

Grilling some chicken or roasting a piece of fish at home not only means you’ll control the salt and fat, but it also gives you the opportunity to gain major health benefits with herbs and spices.

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Vitamins Critical To Good Health

The Most Important Healthy Question You Need Answered!

No matter how much you strive to eat right, there will always be days when you don’t get enough fruits and vegetables, or you don’t have the time to cook a healthy dinner. It happens to all of us. Not only can a daily supplement pick up the slack on hectic days, but it can provide additional benefits you may not be aware of.

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Green Tea for Heart Health

Green Tea: The Beverage Choice Of The Healthy!

One natural health solution that is receiving a huge level of attention from the medical community is green tea. After water, tea is the most popular beverage worldwide. Here in the United States, Americans do not consume as much tea as the Chinese or Japanese, but convincing research suggests that it may be time for all of us to make green tea a daily part of our healthy lifestyle.

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Digestive Health | Eating Dairy Products With Lactose Intolerance

Enjoy Eating Dairy Products Again

If you suffer from lactose intolerance, as many of my patients do, you may be tempted to shun all milk products. This may not be necessary. In order to help my patients experience more pleasure and less stress due to eating, I have researched natural ways to deal with the common problem of lactose intolerance.

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Healthy Skin

The Skin Problem You May Not Be Aware Of

Many patients thought they suffered from adult acne when the real culprit was folliculitis (a different condition often mistaken for pimples). The good news is that it may not be as hard as you think to cure this common problem and enjoy clear skin once again.

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Eat A Healthy Diet | Nuts And Weight Loss

The Skinny On Nuts

Until recently, no one considered them “diet food.” Nuts were thought of as too fatty and high in calories to be part of a healthy meal plan. Thanks to several major studies, the tides have officially turned. I want to share the multitude of benefits associated with this new superfood and show you how to make nuts part of your healthy diet.

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You Are What You Eat

While a healthy diet cannot cure most medical problems, it can keep your body in optimal condition to fight disease. Just think of food as fuel. If you give your body high quality fuel, it will run better and longer than if you feed it with junk.

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Regain Male Strength To Prevent Unexpected Falls

Regaining Male Strength Can Prevent Falls

one in every three Americans will experience a fall this year, and the problem is often recurring. In order to help this large number of people, scientists and doctors have begun looking at the reasons behind falling that go beyond simple loss of physical abilities.

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Manage motion Sickness

A Natural Way To Manage Motion Sickness

I recently saw a patient who just returned from a fishing trip with a group of friends in the Florida Keys. The weather was ideal and the fish were biting, but after his first morning on the open sea, my patient refused to get back on the boat. What could possibly spoil such a great vacation? The answer is motion sickness, a condition which roughly half of all adults have experienced.

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