March 2008

Hairbrush for healthy hair

Beautiful Hair Starts With Good Brush Care

Recently, a patient asked me a question that I don’t hear everyday. She wanted to know how long to keep her hairbrush. It sounds like a simple question but in truth, the answer depends on several factors. Furthermore, knowing how long to keep your brush – and how best to care for it – can get you the healthy, shiny hair you want.

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Digestive Health

A Natural Beverage That Fights Disease, Aging And Weight Gain

This yogurt-like drink is more than a healthy and delicious beverage – it is as close to a miracle food as you can get! I want to share with you what I’ve learned about kefir so you can make a smart choice about incorporating it into your diet.

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Heart Health | Low Blood Pressure

Can Blood Pressure Be Too Low?

A patient recently came to me because he was frequently lightheaded and could not figure out why. Lightheadedness is a symptom associated with many different conditions, but it took almost no time to figure out what was causing the trouble. As soon as I saw his blood pressure reading, I suspected that this patient was dealing with hypotension.

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calf muscle

Hold Your (Charley) Horses!

I recently saw a patient who needed treatment for a charley horse – a muscle spasm typically occurring in the calf muscle. This patient was concerned because he had never experienced muscle pain like this, even though he had been an athlete all his life. He was relieved to know that a charley horse is a temporary condition with plenty of natural treatment options.

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dental health

Do You Have Xerostomia?

In truth, there are some very specific reasons for experiencing dry mouth that you need to know about. Before I dispel the myths surrounding dry mouth, let me explain why you should care about this important health topic. The cause of dry mouth is simply an inadequate supply of saliva. Saliva not only begins the digestion process, but also cleanses the mouth. The soft tissue in your mouth is highly sensitive to infection and likely to become inflamed without the cleansing, lubricating effects of saliva. When this happens, harmful organisms have a chance to gain a foothold and grow.

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Natural Health Remedies

Bee Propolis

Did you know that one of the oldest folk remedies is something that is probably in your pantry at this very moment? Naturally sweet honey has been used for centuries to soothe upset stomachs and treat wounds. I personally use honey not only in many of my dinner recipes but also when I’m feeling “under […]

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Allergy Health | Dining Out With Food Allergies

When Food Allergies Are On The Menu

Do you know anyone with a food allergy? In our family, my mother has an allergy to nuts (all kinds of nuts). Whenever we go out to a restaurant or to someone’s home for dinner we have to ask that most important question: “Is this dish prepared with nuts?” If you’ve ever known someone with a food allergy this medical issue can often interfere with their lifestyle.

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Hair Loss Health | Causes Of Baldness

Who Is To Blame For Baldness?

With all the advertising going on about hair transplants, hair replacement systems and the variety of hair remedies, you can imagine how many men are affected with this problem. But I bet you’ll be surprised when I tell you that plenty of women who come into my office also complain about thinning hair.

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Kidney Health | Prevent And Manage Kidney Stones

Kidney Stones – Take Control of Your Risk

It seems ridiculous if you stop and think about it: “stones” developing in our bodies and causing pain. Yet, kidney stones are a common problem, especially for men between the ages of 30 and 50. It certainly isn’t a pleasant subject to think about, but it is important to understand your risk factors so you can enjoy your most optimal health.

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foot health

What’s The Hardest Working Part Of Your Body? You’ll Be Surprised By The Answer!

Getting sick is no fun. You feel tired, achy and irritable, and you often end up canceling plans or missing work. Still, if you stop and think about it, a bad cold will run its course, and then you’re back to your old routine. Even a miserable flu can be managed with rest and medicine. But what do you do if your feet are the source of the problem?

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vision health

Computer Vision Syndrome

If you’re like many people today the computer has become a very important tool for work and entertainment. Combine this with our current obsession with television and you’ve got a prescription for major eye strain.

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